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11 Questions with Raiden Kan

Posted by : DM101 on Sunday, November 20, 2011 permalink

What were the key factors that led to your decision to turn professional?

I happened to discover Texas Holdem while I was on vacation in Macau. After learning and playing this game with positive results, I decided to turn professional.

Do you prefer tournaments or cash games? Why?

I prefer playing tournaments these days, but I still very much enjoy playing Omaha cash games.

Do you prefer playing live or online? Why?

Online, live poker is just too slow.

What is your favourite place to play in Asia?

It has to be Macau. Personally, I like to patronise Poker King Club at Star World. The club provides excellent service and I like the ambience there as well.

Do you think poker is more a game of skill than chance? Why?

Poker is definitely a game of skill. Luck only gets you by in the short term. A skilful player will always win over the long run.

What advice do you have for players who want to turn professional?

Learn the game well and have a good bankroll management.

Do you intend to go to Las Vegas to play some tourneys and win a WSOP bracelet?

I have been there, but I probably won’t go again.

Winning a WSOP bracelet is every poker player’s dream, don't you want to own one too?

I’d love it, but I really hate going to Vegas.

You have played with so many Asian players. Players from which country are the toughest ? Why?

The Koreans are the toughest. Most of them are very aggressive players and always put me in very difficult spots.

Congratulations for winning the MPCC championship again. So can you tell us how did u spend you MPCC earnings? Where did you go lately?

I have not thought of that yet. I went Shenzhen for a holiday after MPCC.

How confident are you to become the APOY 2011?

I have to admit that I am running extremely well this year. I am quite confident that I am going to make some final tables in the coming tournaments. Wish me luck.

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