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Announcing The Pokerkaki League 2012 - 1 Macau Poker Cup Package Up for Grabs! (Updated 20/12/2011)

Posted by : ikelos on Sunday, December 18, 2011 permalink

Are you ready for our biggest online promotion yet?

Series 1 of the Pokerkaki League 2012 will run from January 3 – March 29, 2012, and we’ll be putting some spanking prizes on the table:
- Macau Poker Cup Main Event Entry (Value USD$1420) + 2 nights Value-Added accommodation
- Sunday Million tickets
- Big $55 tickets
- Big $22 tickets
- Big $11 tickets

Here’s how you can get in on the action:

1) Select the Home Games tab in your Pokerstars lobby
2) Click the green ‘Join a Poker Club’ button
3) In the Club ID field, enter: 11831
4) In the Invitation Code field, enter: pokerkaki
5) Once the club manager accepts your request, you’ll be able to participate in all the league tournaments

Don’t have a Pokerstars account? Not sure how to create one? Look here. Don’t forget to enter the marketing code during registration.

Monthly Prizes
Finish in the top 4 in any month, and you’ll bag:

- 1st – $215 Sunday Million Ticket
- 2nd – Big $55 Ticket
- 3rd – Big $22 Ticket
- 4th – Sunday Storm Ticket

Grand Prize

The top 5 league finishers + the next best placed Silverstar + 2 next best placed GoldStars finishers of each month will win a ticket to a Grand Prize Freeroll, where they will play for one:

- Macau Poker Cup Main Event Entry (Value USD$1420) + 2 nights Value-Added accommodation

League games are 930pm and 10pm (GMT+8) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

The last Macau Poker Cup champion took home HK 1,039,700. Is it your time to shine?

The Pokerkaki League 2012 – Terms and Conditions (Must Read!)

a) Home Games

1) This promotion is only open to members of, whose accounts are registered to a Singapore or Malaysia address. If you reside in either of the above territories but have a Pokerstars account registered from another country, you may write to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to have this changed. You may be asked for supporting documentation.

2) The allocation of points in the league is entirely automated by the Home Games software. The Pokerkaki League has neither control over how these points are distributed, nor the ability to manually alter any points.

3) The Pokerkaki League and retains a zero-tolerance policy towards collusion. Any players found guilty of collusion will not be eligible to win any prizes. All complaints pertaining to collusion will be thoroughly investigated by, and all decisions made by are final.

4) Club managers and administrators are permitted to participate in the league, but are not eligible win any prizes.

5) Players must be 18 years or older to participate in this promotion.

b) Prizes

1) Players must have a minimum Pokerstars VIP status of SilverStar during that month to qualify for monthly prizes.

2) Monthly prizes will be awarded to the next best placed finisher(s) in the event a prize winner does not fulfill the conditions of b2).

3) Monthly prizes will usually be awarded within 7 days of the start of the new month.

4) Players must have attained Pokerstars VIP status of SilverStar in either January, February or March 2012 to qualify for the Grand Prize.

5) The Grand Prize is not transferrable, and not exchangeable for cash. The Pokerkaki League and will not award cash prizes in lieu.

6) It is the individual Grand Prize winner’s responsibility to obtain all necessary travel documents. Any lack of travel documents may result in disqualification.

7) The top 5 league finishers + the next best placed Silverstar + 2 next best placed GoldStars of every month win tickets to the Grand Prize Freeroll. If there is a repeat name in the subsequent month, the freeroll ticket will not be awarded to the next best finisher of the month. The more repeat Top 8 finishers, the smaller the Grand Prize Freeroll starting field.

8) The Grand Prize will be awarded to the freeroll’s next best finisher if the winner does not fulfill the conditions of b4) and b6), or if the winner, for whatever reason, declines the Grand Prize.

9) In the event of a tie for a Monthly Prize, the player who has played the greater number of tournaments for the duration of the league will be declared the winner. Should this result again in a tie, both players will be required to compete in a single table tournament Heads-Up match to determine the winner.

10) By participating in this promotion, players who win the Grand Prize agree to wear apparel and merchandise provided them by and/or Pokerstars.

11) The Pokerkaki League and Pokerstars reserve the right to modify the rules and/or structure of the promotion at its sole discretion. All/any such decisions made will be final.

12) All winners will be asked to supply their usernames for all/any prize eligibility.

13) By participating in this league, players agree that The Pokerkaki League,, and are in no way liable for any expenses, losses, injuries, and damages incurred or suffered directly or indirectly for the duration of this promotion, and/or during travel and/or participation in the Macau Poker Cup.

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