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[SG/MY] Battle on the High Seas III Tournament Report

Posted by : ikelos on Monday, May 04, 2009 permalink
Battle on the High Seas III Tournament Report

The 3rd Installment of the Battle of the High Seas Texas Hold’em tournaments got underway at 2pm on Friday, with the last of the entrants getting on board the MV Long Jie just 10 minutes before the start of the tournament. Many players had considerable difficulty getting on board this weekend, owing to the massive throng of casino patrons determined on spending the public holiday weekend beating up the Long Jie’s jackpot machines and baccarat tables.

After elbowing their way past gangs of senior citizens resolutely marching towards the table games, 38 weary but excited poker players settled down for the first event of the weekend: the $150 Double Shootout.

$150 Double Shootout

Getting a good table draw at this tournament proved half the battle won for many players, with table dynamics ranging from extreme caution on some to wanton recklessness on others. The result was that some tables got to their final two players fairly quickly, while other tables still had 6-7 players remaining. Taking the early session by storm was the inimitable Charlie ‘Bubba’ Koh, one of the more popular personalities in the community. He managed to get himself all-in preflop in 2 of his first 3 hands, dominating his table with his willingness to get it in, sailing into the final table. Early pre-tournament favourites like Chris Chong, TH Neo, Daniel Chua and Jack Ng found themselves in unlucky spots, and headed to the rail early.

The final table was assembled at 630pm, featuring a bunch of notable faces in the community. With only 4 places paid, most players took care to pick their spots and avoid all-in preflop situations. The bubble burst at approximately 8pm, with Chen Han Fong the unfortunate player eliminated. With the pressure slightly off, play loosened up a little, with the 4 ITM players looking to build their chip stacks. Jimmy Tan was eliminated in 4th, setting up a tough 3-way contest between Philip Tan, Adeline Ee, and Raiden Kan.

Raiden, the chip leader for most of the final table, lost a couple of swing pots to both Adeline and Philip. Now short-stacked, he pushed the lot in with Q9, with Adeline making the call with QJ. The board bricked out for both players, and Adeline’s J was good, sending Raiden to the rail. Heads-up play did not go on for as long as expected, with the blinds now at fairly crushing limits. In the final hand of the tournament, both players got all the chips in the middle pre-flop, with Philip’s 22 up against Adeline AQ. An ace appeared on the river, and Adeline was crowned the first champion of Battle on the High Seas III.

Final Results –

1st – Adeline Ee - $2000
2nd – Philip Tan - $1500
3rd – Raiden Kan - $1000
4th – Jimmy Tan - $440

$350 Main Event

The Main Event got underway at 9pm, with 33 players taking their seats for the occasion. Erique Tan, winner of both previous Main Events was in attendance to defend his title, as well as gun for the 3-peat. The Main Event also saw the arrival of Peter ‘The Shouting Chef’ Hang, an extremely well-liked and recognizable figure on the Long Jie. Known for his enthusiastic and loud post-hand analyses in dialect, Peter’s voice is distinguishable over distance even amidst the riffle of chips, the general murmur of poker players conversing, and the cries of ‘picture picture!’ from the baccarat tables close by.

Despite losing 7 players inside the first hour, play slowed down considerably as stacks got larger in relation to the blinds, allowing for some pretty sophisticated play. Early chip leaders included Daniel Chua, responsible for 3 or 4 eliminations at that point, and Raiden Kan, a professional player from Hong Kong. As the evening progressed, Tournament Director Ivan Tan announced that play would continue till ten levels were completed, or when play had reached the ITM spot of five players. When level ten wound down, the tournament was left with 6 players, who could take a well-earned rest and return the next day to fight for their share of the prize pool.

The final six gathered at noon on Saturday to resume the final table, with the added pressure of playing on the bubble. To the disappointment of all onlookers, Peter Hang’s fantastic tournament run came to an end when he was eliminated in 6th position. Robin Lim was next to go, when his short-stacked QJ all-in preflop was called and beaten by pocket 7s. Following shortly after was the experienced Norbert Koh, who had made a quiet and steady run towards the final table. Norbert’s all-in preflop 78 was quickly called and bested by A5.

With the jump in prize money now larger, 3-handed play started out edgy and conservative, with hands mostly going no further than the flop. It wasn’t too long however, before 3rd spot was decided by an extraordinary hand. Raiden Kan raised on the button with J3os, with Aaron Lam instantly shoving in the small blind. Chip leader Ricky Foo quickly got out of the way in the big blind, and Raiden tanked before making the call for 20,000 more in chips. A resulting board of Qs 9c 3c Qc 5h eliminated Aaron and brought the onset of heads-up play.

An exciting battle ensued with both players trading chips back and forth, until a flop of 4s 2c 3s was taken. Raiden and Ricky managed to get all the chips in the middle for this one, with Raiden flipping over J s 2s for bottom pair and a flush draw, and Ricky turning over Ks 6s for two over cards and a higher flush draw. A Qs on the turn left Raiden drawing dead, crowning Ricky Foo champion of the main event.

Final Results –

1st – Ricky Foo - $4368
2nd – Raiden Kan - $2390
3rd – Aaron Lam - $1560
4th – Norbert Koh - $1143
5th – Robin Lim - $935

$115 Rebuy Tournament


24 players paid the buy-ins at 3pm on Saturday for what is quickly becoming both the players’ and organizers’ favourite event each month. Our tournament director sweetened the deal this time, promising to award an additional 2000 chips to the players with the top 3 rebuys by the first break. After all the rebuys and add-ons had been accounted for, the prize pool had climbed to a tasty $7700, with a first place prize of $3250.

The field whittled down fairly quickly, with the money bubble breaking at approximately 8pm. The talented Ricky Foo, our Main Event champion, was the unfortunate player in this instance. Play soon got even more frantic with 5 players remaining, with Eugene Cai moving all his chips in preflop with pocket queens, only to be snapped called by Norbert Koh who flipped over pocket kings. The board brought no help to Eugene, and he took 5th place for his efforts. Next to depart was Daniel Chua, who shoved into a preflop raise from Norbert Koh with A3. Norbert deliberated for a minute or so, before making the call with AJ. A board of 6s 4h 9d Ah 6c played Norbert’s kicker, establishing him as the chip leader.

Next to go was the ultra resilient Mark Wen, who’d, dodged multiple bullets to get to three-handed without a single rebuy or an add-on. Pushing all-in preflop on a short stack, he immediately flung his hands to his head in dismay when Norbert snap-called in the big blind. Mark showed QJ, and was dominated by Norbert’s KQ. The low board missed both players entirely, and King high was good enough to take the tournament to heads up. The tournament was paused for 5 minutes while Raiden Kan (again) and Norbert discussed a deal. Organisers were notified that both players had agreed to split the prize money down the middle, leaving $300 extra for the champion. 6 hands into the resumption of play saw both players take a flop of 9h 6s Jc. The action was checked to Norbert, who led out before finding himself check raised all-in. Norbert made a quick call, and the turn 9h and river Jd were enough to hand him the title and the extra $300.

Final Results:

1st – Norbert Koh - $2735 (after deal)
2nd – Raiden Kan - $2435 (after deal)
3rd – Mark Wen - $1150
4th – Daniel Chua - $770
5th – Eugene Cai - $610

Forum discussion : congratulates all winners. Stay tuned for details on the next Battle of the High Seas!


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