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Clarence Poh Wins APPT Manila Qualifier (25/10/2008)

Posted by : DM101 on Saturday, October 25, 2008 permalink
A total of 19 entrants took part in the $200+$30 (1R & 1A) APPT Manila Qualifier today. Clarence Poh from Poker Times outlasted the rest of the field and crowned the title. Clarence entered the final table with an average chips stack and got crippled to only 1000 chips when the blind level was at 150/300. He is a firm believer that applied the poker theory of ” A chip & a chair” and made a great comeback & eventually won the tourney. It was really an amazing tourney for him and hope that he can do well for the APPT Manila main event too.

Here is the final result.

1st - Clarence Poh (Package + $1000)
2nd - Erique ($1000)
3rd - Spence ($600)
4th - Kelvin Yeo
5h - Julien Guerrand
6th - Shiyang
7th - Suyeon
8th - Dehua
9th - Aaron
10th - Jacky
11th - Rick
12th - Robin Lim
13th - Baba
14th - Nobert
15th - Anthon
16th - Darren
17th - Bob
18th - Sam
19th - Apple

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