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Jin Nicks Red Dragon

Posted by : DM101 on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 permalink

China's Nicky Jin beats the largest ever poker tournament field in Asia

MACAU, CHINA, February 26, 2012 –
PokerStars Macau at Casino Grand Lisboa hosted the biggest and richest ever Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon from February 18-26 and set several new records for poker in Asia.

In total, the 9 Official Asia Player of the Year events drew 2,153 players and awarded HKD $12,857,863 (US $1,660,000) in prize money -- beating the previous records of 1,652 players and HKD $9,553,323 (USD $1,225,000) for Asia's premiere poker series.

"It was a fitting tribute as our last major poker event at the Grand Lisboa." said Danny McDonagh, PokerStars Director of Live Operations for the Asia-Pacific. "Nothing about the success of PokerStars Macau is based on luck or magic."

"SJM and the entire Grand Lisboa hotel and casino team has been a first class organization and our time here will always have a special place in our hearts."

"No doubt a special thanks goes to Grand Lisboa executives Michael Au, Alastair Dick, and poker room manager Brad Marshall. They are the champions and visionaries for poker when the game was in its infancy in Macau. Without them, the poker tournaments wouldn't and couldn't have broken records on a regular basis like it has the last 3 years we've been here. This marvellous week was yet another testament of their support right until the very end. "

McDonagh added. "We'll have further announcements about the future of PokerStars Macau coming soon."

Headlining the 9-day week was China's Nicky Jin who won the Red Dragon main event after beating an Asia-record 635 players and was awarded the HKD $1,192,500 for his victory. After 3 grueling days -- where 81 players cashed for a piece of the HKD $6,297,676 prize pool -- the 23-year old poker pro's win also included an entry into the HKD $10,000,000 guarantee ACOP event in November.

"I was the shortest stack with 300k when we started the final table so I was looking for any plus EV play to double up." recalled Jin, an online tournament specialist. "The hand where I had AQ versus AJ to build my stack was probably the key hand. But there were lots of key hands. I'm just very happy right now...I can't even believe it!"

Sunday also saw the completion of the High Rollers event, $6,000 NLH, and the $2,500 KO Bounty.

In Event 7: $6,000 NLH, Taiwan's Bo Wu beat194 players on his way to collecting the HKD $251,500 top prize.

The 2-day tournament paid out the top 22 players with HKD $1,037,232 in the prize pool. Sunday's final table began with Hong Kong's Percy Yung and Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im holding the top chip stacks but the ladies would end up finishing 8th and 4th respectively.

Heads up would come down to Wu and 2010 Macau Millions winner Justin Chan.

On the final hand, Wu moved all-in with Kc-Jh and was called by Chan's 9s-7h. Chan made a pair of sevens on the flop of Qc-3d-7c but running clubs hit the turn (6c) and river (Tc) to give Wu the flush and win.

Event 7: $6,000 NLH - Final Table Results

Bo Wu (Chinese Taipei) -- $251,500
Justin Chan (Hong Kong) -- $169,400
Liu Geng (China) -- $102,700
Vivian Im (Korea) -- $82,100
Zhaohui Li (China) -- $66,700
Tony Chang (Hong Kong) -- $56,500
Andrey Kobov (Russia) -- $46,200
Percy Yung (Hong Kong) -- $35,900
Calvin Tan (Singapore) -- $25,700
Jacky Wang (Australia) -- $20,448

American born Thailand-resident Joel Micka won Event 8: $30,000 High Rollers beating out the impressive 81-player field and winning $499,000 for his first place finish.

Micka entered Day 2 as the chip leader with the legendary Johnny Chan, 2011 Macau Poker Cup Championship winner Raiden Kan, 2009 APOY Kitty Kuo, high roller specialist Nick Wong, and David Steike amongst the remaining 22 runners jockeying for their share of the HKD $2,190,888 prize pool.

However, none of those notables made the final table and Micka navigated himself into a heads up match with Canadian Patrick Crivell. On the final hand, a short stacked Crivell moved all-in with AJ and Micka called with a dominated A4. However, the poker gods found not one but two spikes on the board of 4c-6s-4d-3d-Qs and the three of a kind sent the High Roller trophy to Micka.

"I like the high buyin with better's more intense." said the online poker pro. "APPT Cebu might be the next stop because I've never been to Cebu"

Event 8: High Rollers - Final Table Results

Joel Micka (Thailand) -- $499,000
Patrick Crivell (Canada) -- $486,900
Emanuel Seal (Australia) -- $262,900
Nicholas Galtos (Australia) -- $219,100
Michael Mariakis (Australia) -- $175,300
Henry Hung Tu Wang (Chinese Taipei) -- $153,400
Daniel Hall (Canada) -- $131,500
Anju Abrol (India) -- $109,500
Andrey Naumov (Russia) -- $87,600

Japan's Yosuke Sekiya won Event 9: KO Bounty which had 236 runners and a HKD $402,380 in the cash prize pool plus another HDK $118,000 in bounty bonuses. Sekiya received HKD $94,600 for his win along with HKD $6,000 for his 12 KOs.

Event 9: KO Bounty - Final Table Results

Yosuke Sekiya (Japan) -- $94,600
Shihui Yu (China) -- $64,400
Adam Kragh (USA) -- $38,200
Yasuyuki Tsuji (Japan) -- $30,200
Sammy Xiuming Huang (Australia) -- $24,100
Julian Hasse (Germany) -- $20,100
Goh Wei Yang (Malaysia) -- $16,100
Luchi Badrudin Veljee (India) -- $12,100
Dhaval Mudgal (India) -- $10,100
Hong Zhu (China) -- $8,480

For complete Official Side Event Results please CLICK HERE

For 2012 Asia Player of the Year rankings please CLICK HERE

18 players started Sunday's Slay Day where the coveted Red Dragon could only go to a single hero.

In the opening hour, the casualty list included the likes of July 2008 winner Denny Yu (16th) and 2010 Macau Poker Cup Championship winner Julian Hasse (13th). As the last remaining title holders, the main event was assured of crowning a first-time champion.

Jay Tay entered the Day 3 finale as the chip leader but the last female standing fell in 5th place at the hand of India's Abhishek Goindi.

Goindi and Jin then took turns eliminating Russia's David Martirosyan (4th) and UK's Craig Eichmeier (3rd) respectively to set up heads up play.

This is how the final hand played out as described by PokerStars blogger TassieDevil:

After a deal was struck we were expecting some fast play, so we weren't that surprised to see a big hand develop on just the third hand of heads-up play. However when the cards were tabled we realised there was nothing fast about it. It was just a good old fashioned cooler.

Nicky Tao Jin had the button and opened with a min-raise. Abhishek Goindi made the call with the flop came down a baby 2♣3♦4♦. It looked innocent enough but it was the trigger for fireworks!

Goindi checked and Jin continued for 260,000. Goindi came back with a check-raise of an additional 400,000 as a massive pot was brewing. Jin didn't slow down as he added another 800,000 to the bet. Goindi moved all in and Jin insta-called!

Goindi: 3♣4♣
Jin: 2♠2♦

What a cooler! It was top two pair for Goindi but incredibly Jin had flopped bottom set! Jin would need to fade a three or four and the title was his. The turn brought the J♠ and the river was the T♦ as Jin embraced good friend Bryan Huang as they roared in delight at winning the title!

Red Dragon - Final Table Results

Nicky Jin (China) -- $1,192,500
Abhishek Goindi (India) -- $1,056,500
Craig Eichmeier (UK) -- $554,000
David Martirosyan (Russia) -- $409,000
Jennette "Jay" Tan (Hong Kong) -- $315,000
Zuo "ST" Wang (China) -- $252,000
Chen Ke (China) -- $205,000
Po En Ho (China) -- $157,000
Shao-hung Lee (Chinese Taipei) -- $126,000

For complete Red Dragon WINNERS LIST please CLICK HERE
By the numbers

4 times that China has won the Red Dragon, breaking the 3-way tie with Taiwan and Hong Kong which each have 3 winners

15 different Red Dragon champions since 2008

41 countries represented in the main event, record for number of countries in the Red Dragon. For complete Country List please CLICK HERE

205 average players per side event (not including High Rollers)

283 players on Day 1A, record for Day 1A in Red Dragon

352 players on Day 1B, record for single day player field in Asia

635 players in the Red Dragon, record for largest player field in Asia by unique entries

$6,297,676 HKD prize pool, record for largest Red Dragon prize pool

2,153 players participated in the 9-day MPC: Red Dragon schedule

$12,857,863 HKD total prize pool for the 9-day MPC: Red Dragon schedule

The next major event is the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Season 5 leg in Seoul, Korea which takes place from March 7-11, and will be hosted by the prestigious Paradise Walkerhill Casino.

The 5-day, 5-event poker festival will feature the
KRW 3,000,000 (US $2,600) buy-in Main Event. Yoshihiro Tasaka became the tour's first Japananese winner when he captured the 2008 title and the KRW 148,896,000 (US $128,000) prize.

Poker in Korea, and Asia overall, has grown immensely since Tasaka's victory and a record field is widely expected for the 2012 tournament.

Players can qualify for APPT Seoul packages at PokerStars where satellites are already running.

For more information on the APPT please visit

APPT Seoul - Season 5 Schedule
(All figures in KRW)

Mar. 7 @ 2:00 PM: ₩ 420,000 Main Event Mega Satellite (in Casino), 1-in-8 win
Mar. 7 @ 6:00 PM: ₩ 420,000 Main Event Mega Satellite (in Casino), 1-in-8 win
Mar. 8 @ 12:15 PM: Event 1: ₩ 3,000,000 APPT Seoul Main Event - Day 1A
Mar. 8 @ 4:00 PM: ₩ 420,000 Main Event Mega Satellite, 1-in-8 win
Mar. 8 @ 8:00 PM: ₩ 650,000 Main Event Last Chance Mega Satellite, 1-in-5 win
Mar. 9 @ 12:15 PM: Event 1: ₩ 3,000,000 APPT Seoul Main Event - Day 1B
Mar. 9 @ 6:00 PM: Event 2: ₩ 400,000 (per team) No Limit Hold'em Teams Event
Mar. 10 @ 4:00 PM: Event 3: ₩ 300,000 No Limit Hold'em Bounty
Mar. 10 @ 8:00 PM: Event 4: ₩ 1,100,000 Pot Limit Omaha
Mar. 11 @ 12:30 PM: Event 5: ₩ 6,000,000 High Rollers Event (2 table max)

For the complete APPT Macau schedule please visit

Photos by Kenneth Lim Photography courtesy of PokerStars Macau

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