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Kaki “MJFX” wins Charity Event

Posted by : DM101 on Monday, February 20, 2012 permalink

MPC Event 2: Charity Event was won by Singapore's Lim Min Soon aka "MJFX" who outlasted a 94-player field winning HKD $47,800 plus a HKD $11,000 Red Dragon entry. The long running charity tournament raised HKD $47,000 for local Macau charities such as Caritas de Macau and the MCDA.

It was a an easy finish for Lim who had 95% of the chips in play when the final hand came against Ping-Hsiang Hsu. The Taiwanese player moved all his remaining chips with AK and Lim decided to make a pot odds call with J7.

The board ran A-T-7-Q-K for the unlikely straight sending the 33-year old into the winner's circle.

The banker previously had a runner-up finish in the same event so he was ecstatic with the victory. "I'm so happy, this is my first time winning a tournament. I was so unlucky last time."

Event 2: Charity Event - Final Table Results

Min Soon Lim (Singapore) -- $58,800
Ping-Hsiang Hsu (Chinese Taipei) -- $42,900
Hossein Shabannezhad (Malaysia) -- $32,300
Andrey Kobov (Russia) -- $22,700
Tao-chien Yang (Chinese Taipei) -- $16,600
Michael Ye (Hong Kong) -- $14,800
Tony Man (UK) -- $13,000
Michael Clinton (UK) -- $11,300
Justin Chan (Hong Kong) -- $8,300
George Malancu (Romania) -- $6,386

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