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Kakis Mop Up @ Genting

Posted by : DM101 on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 permalink

On just another misty windswept day on the mountain that Uncle Lim built, 320 poker players were doing battle within the walls of Genting Highlands Casino, duking it out for the lion’s share of the RM$160,000 guaranteed prize pool. Whether it’s the cool mountainous breeze, the plush greenery or high altitudes, there’s something about this quarterly event that seems to spur Kakis on to their competitive best.

Kaki representation at the final table of these events has always been strong, with crowd favourite ‘Uncle Bob’ Bobby Cheong (afternoon) taking down the inaugural edition of this event. The community carried the strong tradition forward this weekend, with no less than 4 kakis cracking the elusive final table, scoring themselves some very pleasant bling in the process.

Making his umpteenth final table this year was (that’s right folks, it’s that man again) Ricky Foo (rickyfoo), who, when not staring down trembling opponents at final tables, carves out a very successful living as a financial services advisor. Ricky was eliminated in 7th place when he got AQ all-in pre-flop, bricking out unfortunately against the lone caller’s 99. Surely a leading contender for Pokerkaki Player of the Year (if we actually had such a competition), Ricky adds the tidy amount of RM$7,000 to the ole’ bankroll.

Making his 2nd Genting Final Table appearance was Vinson See (slkia), proving authoritatively that this jovial gent (pun intended) possesses the game beneath the geniality and infectious laughter. Vinson got his short stack in the middle in late position, and found his K5 up against A7. A fighting chance seemed on the cards when the flop brought a 5, but a 7 on the turn and an Ace on the river meant Vinson would be packing his suitcase in 4th place, albeit a suitcase now RM$12,000 heavier.

Flying the Kaki flag when 3-handed play commenced was the understated and extremely publicity shy Chris Ow (DM101), who asked that his picture receive the mosaic treatment for this article. We at have declined in the interests of journalistic integrity, in addition to a complete ignorance of Adobe Photoshop. By no means a stranger to final tables, Chris won the elusive Pokerstars USD$25,000 Freeroll package to the EPT Grand Finale in Monte Carlo not so long ago, quietly picking up some small and not so small cashes in various Pokerstars tournaments in between.

Chris got to heads-up play at a considerable chip disadvantage, before out-flopping his opponent twice to get back to even stacks. With his adversary out-chipping him slightly, he faced an all-in on the final hand of the tournament. Chris snapped called with 99, and was in decent shape against Q10. The flop came 9 A J, the turn brought a 2, with the river delivering the knockout K, sealing runner-up spot for Chris. Chris trousers the consolation purse of RM$22,000 for his 2nd place finish.

1st - RM$40,000 - Kelvin Pang(MY)
2nd - RM$22,000 - Chris Ow (SG)
3rd - RM$17,000 - GL Soh (MY)
4th - RM$12,000 - Vinson See (SG)
5th - RM$ 9,000 - KH Ng (MY)
6th - RM$ 8,000 - CW Tan (MY)
7th - RM$ 7,000 - Ricky Foo (SG)
8th - RM$ 6,000 - CC Low (MY)
9th - RM$ 5,000 - L Ho (MY)
10th -RM$ 4,000 - CP Lee (MY)
11th-20th - RM$2000
21st-30th - RM$1000 congratulates all winners, and we look forward to delivering more good news soon as the Kaki contingent makes its way to Cebu for the APPT!

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