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Leisure World Poker Series II – Fun, Laughter and Poker on the High Seas

Posted by : ikelos on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 permalink

We don’t know about you, but we’re still recovering from the roaring weekend that was LWPS II. Kakis from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines all set out on the sea breeze for a packed weekend of non-stop poker action, relaxation and lots of laughter. Poker players are instinctively competitive individuals. Once away from the tables however, you’d be hard pressed to find a friendlier, warmer and more fun-loving bunch of people anywhere.

Leisure World laid out an open bar on Saturday night especially for the kakis, where poker exponents Bobby Cheong, Alycia Goh , Lim Min Soon and Ricky Foo wowed the crowds with their singing prowess; the latter two performing many a tender duet. Standing toe to toe with them was Mark Wen, who clearly had the pipes to take on all comers in any singing competition. It was going to be a massive weekend for Mark, who - having already made the final table for the Main Event - began his winning streak by taking down Tournament Director Ivan Tan’s drinking contest, slurping his way through several potent concoctions and 3 opponents to bag a free seat to Sunday’s rebuy event.

Main Event

Despite a long night of wine and song, Mark would take his place at noon the next day amongst 7 other players, all vying for the coveted first place prize of $6000, the LWPS II champion trophy, as well as the seat to February’s $888 CNY Main Event. Unluckily for him, he had to settle for a creditable 5th place finish, having started the day as the shortest stack. Mark pocketed $1,760 in the process, as well as another $2,000 for his 3rd place finish in the rebuy event. Prior to Mark’s elimination, the table had already lost Cheng Hong Wee, as well as the tough and aggressive Indonesians Robert Tok and Lee Bok Kian, the latter an ITM finisher in the LWPS I Main Event.

Dominating proceedings at this point was the quiet ‘Dadzz’ Ranada, a seasoned contestant hailing originally from the Philippines. Arriving at the final table as the chip leader, he was a veritable one man wrecking crew, dispatching 5 final table opponents rail wards. Next up on his hit list was Goh Han Ruo, who had artfully maneuvered himself through the afternoon on a perpetual short stack. On a board of 2 5 4, ‘Dadzz’ snapped call a reshove from Han Ruo, his A5 dominating his opponent’s T4. Running aces completed a full house for ‘Dadzz’, and Han Ruo was sent packing with a pocket $2,300 heavier.

Playing his first live tournament, the imperturbable Lee Wei Hong was unlucky not to get further than his eventual 3rd place finish when he got his chips in the middle against ‘Dadzz’ on a rainbow board of 8 5 6. ‘Dadzz’ tabled 87 for top pair and an open ended straight draw, while Wei Hong turned over A8. The turn brought no help to either player, but a 4 on the river gave the chip leader the straight, and eliminated Wei Hong. The 3rd place finisher bagged $3,100 for his efforts.

With a 5-1 chip lead going into heads-up play, the railbirds were assembled in force to watch the action. The momentum of the match was clearly with ‘Dadzz’, as he picked up the first 3 pots of heads-up play uncontested from Peter M. Severely short at this point, Peter put the rest of his stack in pre-flop on the 4th hand, with ‘Dadzz’ snap calling with As 9s. Peter took the lead when his KcJs spiked a pair on the J 5 2 flop. Unfortunately for him, it was not to be when the turn brought a 4 and the river a 3, giving ‘Dadzz’ an improbable runner runner straight, and the title of LWPS II champion! ‘Dadzz’ snags $6,000, and is the first qualifier for the LWPS VI CNY Main Event! He is joined by the likeable Rajagopalan Saravanakumar, who bags the second seat for taking down the ever popular side event.

Here are the final standings.

$400 Main Event Final Results:

1st: ‘Dadzz’ Ranada - $6,000 + $888 Seat
2nd: Peter M. - $4,000
3rd: Lee Wei Hong – $3,100
4th: Goh Han Ruo – $2,300
5th: Mark Wen - $1,760
6th: Cheng Hong Wee - $1,400
7th: Robert Tok - $1,200
8th: Lee Bok Kian - $1,000

$150 + R Side Event Final Results:

1st: Rajagopalan ‘kman’ Saravanakumar - $5,000 + $888 Seat
2nd: Christopher Lai - $3,000
3rd: Mark Wen - $2,000
4th: Christopher Hobday - $1,450
5th: Bryan Bradley - $1,050
6th: Goh Han Ruo - $850

The Pokerkaki team congratulates all winners, and thanks all participants for making it a fantastic LWPS II. Special thanks also go out to Leisure World,, Corona Extra and Cartamundi Asia-Pacific for making all this possible. Till next month!

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