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Leisure World Poker Series III – As It Happened

Posted by : ikelos on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 permalink
Part III of the Leisure World Poker Series came and went, with all the customary high-octane, adrenaline packed action that has come to characterize this monthly spot of poker on the high seas. The sickest beats, mammoth multi-way pots, coolers galore, impossible gut-shot draws, incredible suck-resucks, fat prize pools; the players lived it all up this weekend, and survived to tell the tale.

Main Event

Most tournaments have breakout stars, and the Main Event of LWPS III was no exception. Breakout stars however, usually come with a particular set of attributes: young, sharply dressed, and resplendent in hooded sweatshirt, headphones and impenetrable shades. They don’t usually take the form of middle-aged working professionals who only picked up the game a little while ago.

Such was the phenomenon that was Ho Kun Kok, a shipping professional everyone affectionately knows as ‘Captain’. Like an experienced thoroughbred stayer, he led a strong field chock-full of notables almost from start to finish. Though he ended Day 1 as the overnight chip leader, he still had a fairly experienced final-table field to contend with, most notably ‘Major’ Ricky Foo, veteran campaigner Joseph Yuin, as well as the runner up of LWPS II Rebuys event Christopher Lai.

Captain Ho however, picked up right where he left off the day before by sending Christian Christopher to the rail in 8th place with pocket 4s. Christopher Lai was next to fall when he ran his short stacked A9 smack into Alern Chua’s KK. The Series then lost one of its favourite sons, when Ricky Foo was ousted in 6th place by a cruel river card. Darren Phua, who started the day as one of the short stacks found a couple of key double ups, before going off to races with Alern Chua in a A2 vs. Q6 all-in preflop showdown. A runner runner straight gave Darren the hand and propelled him up the chip counts, eliminating Alern in the process.

Time ran out too for Ng Saing Leng, who got his chips in the middle preflop, with A7 in the small blind, only to find a snap call from Captain Ho, who tabled AQ. Both players caught an ace on the flop, but the turn and river were no help to Saing Leng, and he found himself out in 4th place. Joseph Yuin, who started the day well up amongst the chip leaders, was unfortunate to not find too many hands he could go with. He finally fell 3-handed when he moved his short stack in on the button to an immediate all-in re-raise from Darren who quickly tabled AA.

The proceeding heads up battle was terse, with the ultimate hand coming after the Captain had won a couple of medium sized pots from Darren. With more than a 5-1 chip deficit, Darren found himself obliged to get it in with Jd2d, only the find the Captain making a prompt call with AQ. The board of 4h 10c Jc Kc Kd turned the Captain an unbeatable straight, and with it, the championship trophy for the Main Event of LWPS III, as well as a seat to February’s $888 CNY Bonanza!

$300 Main Event Final Results:

1st: Ho Kun Kok - $5,500 + $888 Seat
2nd: Darren Phua - $3,300
3rd: Joseph Yuin – $2,200
4th: Ng Saing Leng – $1,700
5th: Alern Chua - $1,300
6th: Ricky Foo - $1,000
7th: Christopher Lai - $800
8th: Christian Christopher - $600

$180 + $20 Side Event – Double Shoot-Out Final Results:

1st: Champagne Tan - $1290
2nd: Alex Loon - $800
3rd: Joel He - $600
4th: Celestrine Son - $450

$150 Side Event - Rebuys Final Results:

1st: Daniel Chua - $3,000 + $888 Seat
2nd: Robert Tok - $1,700
3rd: Champagne Tan - $1,100
4th: Brian Bradley - $800
5th: Edwin de Jong - $600

The Pokerkaki team congratulates all winners, and thanks all participants for making it a great 3rd installment of the Leisure World Poker Series. Special thanks also go out to Leisure World,, Corona Extra and Cartamundi Asia-Pacific for making everything possible. See you all on board next month!

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