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LWPS IV - New Champions, Old Friends, and a Whole Lot of Christmas Cheer

Posted by : ikelos on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 permalink

Christmas began early for all the kakis who came on board the M/V Leisure World for December’s installment of the LWPS. This weekend, the LWPS awarded more than $30,000 in prizes, along with yet another 2 seats to the Chinese New Year $888 event. We crowned new champions in the Main and Rebuy events, while Champagne Tan continued her Macau/LWPS III/Genting hot streak by winning our virgin Christmas Bounty tournament. Main Event runner-up Freddy Kwek also bagged himself a special $250 tournament ticket to future LWPS events when he took down Executive Tournament Director Ivan Tan’s Main Event Christmas Collectible Challenge. Massive kudos especially to all players in the Main Event who kept their poker faces on over the course of some turbulent weather, even whilst the Pokerkaki team was reaching for the medicated oil.

Main Event

The LWPS IV Main Event final table featured a mix of new and familiar faces. Making his 2nd LWPS ME Final Table was the affable Chaky ‘No-Showdown’ Ng, as well as LWPS II MR Champion Dadzz Ranada, who was making a bid to become the first double champion of the series. On this day however, it would be the new faces who took charge. Arthur Kuan, who started the day as overnight chip leader, found his stack whittled away in a series of unlucky spots, before finally hitting rail in 8th place.

Next to go was Larik Yap, who found himself obliged to move his short stack in the middle with Ts 9h from the small blind. The board bricked out for Larik, who will be consoled by his fabulous run in only his 2nd live tournament appearance. Chaky Ng was next to depart when he found his AJ dominated by Chris Loh’s AQ, and Dadzz Ranada followed shortly after when Chris Loh’s 66 found a set on the flop to leave Dadzz’s AT drawing mighty slim. See Jin Kun’s adventure came to an end 4-handed when he moved his short stack in with A8, which failed to improve against his buddy Freddy Kwek, who woke up with JJ in the big blind.

The story of the tournament however, would belong to the young Mohd. Zulfahmi. Zul started Day 2 as the shortest stack, with approximately 4BB remaining. In spite of this, he kept his head down and patiently waited for spots to double through. He finally found the chip lead 3-handed when he took a big bite out of Chris Loh’s stack, with whom the momentum had very much been up till that point. Crippled, Chris Loh moved his remaining chips into the middle for an all-in pre-flop showdown with KJ. Freddy Kwek made the call with K8, and a cruel 8 on the river was enough to send Chris to the rails.

With both players fairly deep coming into heads-up, Freddy and Zul took turns trading small pots, warily sizing each other up. For a while Freddy seemed to be getting the better of the encounter, almost working his way up to an even chip stack. On the final hand of the tournament, Freddy raised the button, with Zul flatting in the big blind. With Zul checking the 7h Qc 2c board, Freddy moved all-in. Zul paused for the briefest moment before calling, his tabled Qs9s dominating Freddy’s Qd 3s. The Kc turn and 10d river brought no help for Freddy, and a new LWPS Champion was crowned!

$300 Main Event Results:

1st: Mohd. Zulfahmi - $5,500 + $888 Seat
2nd: Freddy Kwek - $3,500
3rd: Christopher Loh – $2,500
4th: See Jin Kun – $2,000
5th: Dadzz Ranada- $1,600
6th: Chaky Ng - $1,200
7th: Larik Yap - $900
8th: Arthur Kuan - $750

Dafa Poker Freeroll Results

Joint 1st: Koa Wei Tzu - USD$100 + $300 ME Seat
Joint 1st: Andy Toh - USD$100 + $300 ME Seat
3rd: Sebastian Lee – USD$50
4th: Christopher Wong – USD$50
5th: Champagne Tan - USD$50
6th: Freddy Kwek - USD$50
7th: Jonas J. - USD$50
8th: Wong Kai Zheng - USD$50

$150 Side Event – NLHE with Rebuys Results:

1st: David Benoy - $3,000 + $888 Seat
2nd: Goh Han Ruo - $2,000
3rd: Stanley Ko - $1,400
4th: Lim Ai Ming - $800
5th: Alern Chua - $600

$180 + $40 + $30 Side Event – The Christmas Bounty Results:

1st: Champagne Tan - $2,200
2nd: Lucius Chua - $1,200
3rd: Travers Tan - $800
4th: Norbert Koh - $600
5th: Daniel Chua - $450

The Pokerkaki team congratulates all winners, and thanks all participants for making it a fantastic Leisure World Poker Series IV. We also thank Leisure World,, Baller Magazine, Cartamundi Asia-Pacific and Dafa Poker for making everything possible. See you all on board next month!

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