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LWPS VIII – Coolers, Corona Extras, and the Coronation of Christopher

Posted by : ikelos on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 permalink

In a weekend so replete with activity, it’s never really easy to single out the highlights. We had 4 thrilling events, cash games, Sit n Gos, a blowout Player’s Party, ETD Ivan Tan’s pool tournament, as well as the dramatic heads-up pool battle between Misses Lok and Tan (which, unsurprisingly, drew more vociferous support and spectatorship than the men’s final). And all this conducted in the uniquely LWPS spirit; an atmosphere where friends are made at the drop of a hat, where beer glasses clink endlessly in celebration or in confusion, and where making as much noise as possible is not only not frowned upon, but actively encouraged.

Main Event

The much discussed Mystery Guest was unveiled by Executive Tournament Director Ivan Tan just before the tournament began. Calvin Shueh - a seasoned tournament player and head honcho of Asian online operations – took time out to attend his first LWPS, helping kick off the occasion proper by announcing the attractive Bounty on his head, before the ole’ ‘shuffle up and deal!’. Despite the close attention of his many table mates, Calvin survived the seemingly endless barrage of assaults on his chip stack, even managing to cripple crowd favourite Jay Tan in the process, much to the dismay of the gathered railbirds. Calvin was finally eliminated by Team Xoc’s (shock) Adrian Ng, who earned himself free entry to Sunday’s Corona Extra Head Hunter event. Many lucky contestants also picked up free, not-for-sale merchandise over the course of the Event, including a variety of attractive card protectors, caps, t-shirts and travel chipsets, all courtesy of Pokerstars.

The winner of the last chipset unfortunately, was also the Main Event bubble boy. The luckless Kenneth Lum, one of the nicest young players around, looked in plenty good shape getting it all-in on a five-bet pre-flop with AA against Wong Wai Hong’s dominated QQ. An improbable Q on the river left the large group of onlookers reeling in shock; with Kenneth collecting in return just 2 big blinds from the massive pot. The comeback wasn’t to be, and he was lost in 14th place.

The business end of things featured a solid mix of talent from both sides of the Causeway, a scenario rapidly becoming the custom at LWPS Main Event final tables. Spearheading the charge for the KLPR were Wong Wai Hong and Kenny Khow, with fellow countrymen Raja Aiman and Chang Huan Bin also decently poised for big finishes. Also present was former LWPS ME champion Dadzz Ranada, Pokerstars Supernova Norbert Koh, LWPS VII runner-up Chris Lai, and the experienced Melvin Fernandez.

The action came thick and fast in the most frantic final table the LWPS has ever seen. In quick succession, Dadzz Ranada, Kenny Khow and Joseph Kim hit the rail, and before the hour was up, Chang Huan Bin and Raja Aiman also found their tournament roads at an end. Huan Bin, who’d won his Main Event seat in the live Pokerstars Freeroll held earlier, took home a tasty $1,100 for his troubles. His compatriot Raja Aiman went one better, playing a remarkable tournament in his maiden LWPS voyage, ultimately walking away with a deserved $1,400.

Norbert Koh, the bookmakers’ even-money favourite going into 4-handed play, found the waters choppy right away when his bluff-steal pre-flop was snapped off by Melvin Fernandez. Shortly after, he got into an all-in pre-flop altercation with Christopher Lai, his A7 failing to improve against the slender lead of the latter’s pocket 6s. Hopefully, his $1,800 cash will ease the pain somewhat. The plucky Wong Wai Hong was next to fall, when a barren run of cards left him short and under pressure to take a stand. Wai Hong was finally eliminated by Christopher Lai for a creditable 3rd, $2,500 to the good.

The heads-up contest proved to be a far edgier battle. Melvin Fernandez had wrested the initial chip lead from Chris Lai, and with the moment in his favour, looked determined to consign the latter to his 2nd consecutive LWPS ME runner-up finish. Chris managed to keep his head however, and regained the impetus with some artful post-flop play. The chip lead swung back and forth before Chris, with a slight chip lead, got the lot in pre-flop with 44 against Melvin’s JJ. Melvin, who had doubled up no less than four times at the final table, finally had luck desert him when the flop brought a 4, and when the remaining Jacks in the deck failed to materialize on either the turn or the river. A massive finish nevertheless for the LWPS first-timer, who collects the tidy sum of $3,600 for his efforts. The moment however, belonged to LWPS regular Chris Lai, who put in a solid, measured performance throughout. The LWPS congratulates him on shipping oodles of prize money, a nice trophy to adorn the mantelpiece, and most importantly, pole position on the LWPS Season 2 Leaderboard!

Full Results

The Pokerstars Freeroll:

1st: Chaky Ng - LWPS VII ME Seat + T$50
1st: Charissa Qiu – LWPS VII ME Seat + T$50
1st: Chang Huan Bin – LWPS VII ME Seat + T$50
4th: Leow Chee Seng – T$50
5th: Bai Yaozhong – T$50
6th: Darren Phua – T$50
7th: Cheng Han Fong – T$50
8th: Daryl Christopher Loh – T$50

$250 Main Event:

1st: Christopher Lai - $5,750
2nd: Melvin Fernandez - $3,600
3rd: Wong Wai Hong - $2,500
4th: Norbert Koh - $1,800
5th: Raja Aiman - $1,400
6th: Chang Huan Bin - $1,100
7th: Joseph Kim - $900
8th: Kenny Khow - $700
9th: Dadzz Ranada – $550
10th: Darren Phua - $400
11th: Freddy Kwek - $400
12th: Vince Lau - $400
13th: Jerald Tan - $400

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Satellite:

1st: Jay Tan – MPC Red Dragon Seat
2nd: Alvin Peh - $360

The Corona Extra Rebuy ($500 Additional to Champion)

1st: Daniel Lee- $2,500 ($500 Courtesy Corona Extra)
2nd: Goh Han Ruo - $1,450
3rd: Daryl Loh - $1,000
4th: Lucius Chua - $700
5th: Darren Phua - $500

Check out LWPS Season 2 leaderboard standings here!

Browse our comprehensive event picture gallery on our Facebook page here!

The LWPS congratulates all winners, and thanks all participants for making the weekend incredible. A great many thanks as well to our venue partners Leisure World, and our sponsors Pokerstars, Corona Extra, Cartamundi Asia-Pacific, and

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