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LWPS XI – The 11th Championship, the 13-Card Emperor Emerges, Season 2 Leaderboard Finalized!

Posted by : ikelos on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 permalink

The weekend that was LWPS XI proved the usual barrel of laughs, fanfare, and camaraderie that has become a staple part of the LWPS experience. One kaki managed to parlay $20 into $3,250; veteran campaigner Eric Chen bagged his first LWPS title; ‘Dangerous’ Daniel Chua hoovered up too many bounties to count, while ‘Fabulous’ Freddy Kwek again found himself a whisker away from being the first LWPS Main Event double champion. What with a Main Event seat given away free in the Early Bird Raffle, USD$500 in Pokerstars dollars up for grabs in the freeroll, critical Leaderboard points to fight for, and the SnG Bonanza again on offer, the weekend was over before you could say ‘Value’.

The title grab began with the first ever LWPS 13-Card Poker tournament, which drew a larger number of entrants than anticipated. Goes to show that everyone has their guilty pleasures. Team Xoc’s Eric Chen was looking in mighty good shape even from the early stages, and found little by way of resistance en route to the final table. He found stiff opposition thereon in the form of Marcus Tan, Erique Tan and Daniel Chua, who were clearly not around to just make up the numbers. A gripping and closely watched battle ensued, with spectators falling over each other to get a glimpse of the players’ hands. An hour in, and Eric finally found the break he’d been looking for with a small sequence of brilliant hands, landing several scoops in the process. His chip lead thereafter made 3-handed and heads-up play almost a formality, and he duly claimed his first LWPS title.

As always, the Main Event provided more than its fair share of drama. The bubble burst most agonizingly for Eugene Lee, whose misfortune it was to bluff-catch Freddy Kwek’s 3 barrels, the latter having flopped the universe. Benjamin Lee hit the rails shortly after, his short stack obliged to take a stand at some point. David Benoy, the LWPS’ favourite English kaki, also found his tournament road at an end when he came up against the aggressive Tan Xin Yuan in a small blind/big blind confrontation. Both players managed to get the lot in on the flop, with David Benoy’s top pair in serious trouble against Xin Yuan’s trip 6s.

LWPS uber-regular Ong Choon Huat was then shown the exit by big stack Freddy Kwek’s 7c6c, rivering an improbable runner runner gut-shot straight against his opponent’s suit dominating AcJc. Victor Tan would fall shortly after, making a welcome return to the circuit by final-tabling his first tournament in many months. From here on, things really began to get brutal. Freddy, who had begun Day 2 as the short-stack, had maneuvered his way into contention and was on the verge of eliminating Ronald Wong, who started Day 2 as the big-stack. Freddy had the best of it when he tabled KK against the all-in Ronald’s 88, only for an 8 to make a quick appearance on the flop. The loss of that hand shifted the momentum away from Freddy, and he was eliminated in third place several hands later. Yet another fantastic finish for Freddy, who now holds a phenomenal record of 6/7 LWPS Main Event cashes.

The heads-up contestants were contrasting studies of volatility. While Tan Xin Yuan’s ascent was steady and undulating, Ronald was having a Perfect Storm of an afternoon; his chip-stack swinging up and down with considerable violence. Xin Yuan, who’d won his seat through his top 2 finish in The Pokerstars Freeroll and secured himself a handsome profit margin regardless of the outcome, was outchipped moving into heads up play. Ronald must have imagined he had the matter sewn up when he peeked down at QQ, and got all his chips in the middle on a 9h 6h 2d board, with Xin Yuan turning over 9d 4d for top pair. The Td turn card brought a sharp intake of breath from the rail, which exhaled itself into shouts and general pandemonium when the Kd river was dealt.

On the very next hand, facing a big chip deficit, Ronald again moved his stack into the middle with TcTh. Xin Yuan obliged with a call, turning over Qc8d. The board ran Jc Kc 4c, 2s…… Qh. Ronald would take 2nd place, while Xin Yuan would walk away with a hefty payday, in addition to the 11th LWPS Championship trophy. Congratulations to both players, who not only played excellent tournaments throughout, but also bagged themselves free Season 2 Finale seats in the process.

Full Results

The Pokerstars Freeroll:

1st: Kenneth Chew - LWPS XI ME Seat + PS$50
1st: Tan Xin Yuan – LWPS XI ME Seat + PS$50
3rd: Mohd. Afiq - PS$50
4th: Victor Tan – PS$50
5th: Marcus Tan – PS$50
6th: Simon Ng – PS$50
7th: Eric Chen - PS$50
8th: Sean Tan – PS$50
9th: Jeremy Wee – PS$50
10th: Dadzz Ranada – PS$50

$200 Main Event:

1st: Tan Xin Yuan - $3,250
2nd: Ronald Wong - $2,000
3rd: Freddy Kwek - $1,250
4th: Victor Tan - $900
5th: Ong Choon Huat - $700
6th: David Benoy - $500
7th: Benjamin Lee - $350

The 13 Card Poker Special:

1st: Eric Chen - $1,300
2nd: Erique Tan - $975
3rd: Marcus Tan - $650
4th: Daniel Chua - $325

The Corona Extra Bounty ($500 Additional to Champion):

1st: Daniel Chua - $1,800 ($500 Courtesy Corona Extra)
2nd: Paul Wee - $750
3rd: Ricky Foo - $450
4th: Eddie Seetho - $300

Check out your LWPS Season 2 Leaderboard standings here!

The LWPS congratulates all winners, and thanks all participants attending. Massive thanks are also in order to our venue partners Leisure World, and our sponsors Pokerstars, Corona Extra, Cartamundi Asia-Pacific, and

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