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LWPS XIX: Season 5 Opener Breaks Records; Unprecedented Prize Pools

Posted by : ikelos on Tuesday, April 01, 2014 permalink
Courtesy guest writer NKOTB

Another record-breaking weekend was concluded once again for the 19th installment of the highly successful Leisure World Poker Series (LWPS) held onboard the M/V Leisure World.

Along with the regulars, first-timers and participants from Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Iran, Switzerland and Malaysia made 115 entries per flight. Series XIX has set the bar higher again with 230 total entries resulting in a juicy prize pool in the vicinity of SGD$60,000 and a swaggering SGD$14,000 payout for the Champion.

28 survivors from each flight made Day 2. ‘Kungfusion88’ Cheng Cher Whey (128,200) and ‘detectivejim’ Jimmy Yar (120,700) were the big stacks leading the field of 56 into Day 2.

Heavy action was the name of the game from the get-go as the tournament maintained its rhythm and speed right up to the bubble. LWPS XVIII Champion ‘MJFX’ Minsoon Lim went into overdrive and was putting his stack in the middle when he got called by the only lady left in the field, Corine Shi. In what appeared to be a blind shove, Minsoon could not look happier when he tabled AKo, racing for his tournament life against Corine’s wired pair of 8s. On a flop of AXX, Corine’s snowmen were melting away when an icy 8 on the turn gunned down Minsoon’s run at the main event. Meanwhile, there was another table with an all-in situation as well. Lee Yan Zheng’s late position short stack shove was dutifully called by Jerry Lai in the big blind. Yan Zheng’s KQo dominated Jerry’s Qd10d but the flop left Jerry very much live with a flush draw and a cruel 10 on the river ended Yan Zheng’s run. If there’s any consolation for these two broken hearts, they got to share 27th place for SGD$300 a-piece and a couple of PokerStars official merchandises.

With the bubble out of the way, 26 players set their sights for a place at the final table and the handsome grand prize. Amongst the players that fell short of the final lap includes LWPS regular Ng Chak Yung (20th), online whizkid ‘sinjay91’ Ong Jing Xiang (18th), WSOP participant and circuit veteran Philip Tan (14th). Malaysian stalwarts, Kelvin Lim (15th) and Jerry Lai (13th) also missed their spots at the final table. Corine Shi’s impressive run ended at 10th when her KQ failed to improve against her opponent’s A6 place, collecting SGD$1,200 and bragging rights as the last woman standing in the main event.

The final table of 9 consisted of no less than 6 PokerStars satellite qualifiers, adding weight to the significance of cyberspace pre-entry and the calibre of the players in general. First player to be axed from the final table was Lucius Chua in the big blind, putting all his chips in the middle for a 3bet all –in against Jimmy Yar’s pre-flop min-raise. Jimmy getting 3 to 1 odds made the call and found his J10o dominating Lucius’s 106o. The flop dropped 7s7c8s and a 5h on the turn gave Lucius a couple more outs to hit the lower straight but the river bricked and Lucius collected SGD$1,500 for his effort in 9th place.
Ryan Heng was next to depart when he pushed pre-flop with A10o, which got unfortunately snapped off by Louis in the Big Blind with AQo. Ryan’s hand failed to improve and he walked away in 8th place and SGD$1,900. Exiting in 7th was equally short-stacked Phua Si Yang whose J8o all-in pre-flop was correctly called off by Bao Qiang in the small blind with A2o. Si Yang’s hand failed to connect with the board, earning SGD$2,400 for his deep run. Aaron Lam became the next casualty when his AQo pre-flop jam was called off by Mohd Dasreen’s wired pair of 10s. 9s9c8h wasn’t the flop Aaron was looking for and a 7d on turn and 3h on the river brought an end to his campaign, finishing 6th and receiving SGD$3,000. It was also observed that Aaron chugged 12 bottles of Corona on his way to Day 2, smashing yet another record for the weekend. And with that the tournament was down to 5.

The remaining players begin to consolidate their chips, with Dasreen leading the pack with 700K in chips, and Jimmy in close pursuit with 600k. After a number of uncontested pots, Louis decided to defend his small blind against Jimmy’s min-raise from the cut-off. On a Ac8d6s board, Louis opted to check-raise all-in. It was an easy call for Jimmy who tabled A6o, going up against Louis’s Ad2d. Qd gave Louis flush outs on the turn but the poker Gods shone upon Jimmy and bricked the river with Kh. Louis had to settle for 5th place and a SGD$3,800 payday.

Bao Qiang, in addition to being LWPS XVI Champion, was making his 4th consecutive final table in the LWPS main event, was the next to challenge Jimmy. Being first to act after calling Jimmy’s min-raise from the blinds, Bao Qiang over bet the pot by moving all in on a 9x6x5x board. However, Jimmy sensed something was amiss and ‘detectivejim’ made the correct call with 910o and Bao Qiang showed down KQo for two overcards. 4d brought no help to Bao Qiang and his tournament life was down to the river card. The river delivered paint, but not the paint Bao Qiang was looking for and the Jh brought an end to Bao Qiang’s journey. 4th place and SGD$4,800 in the bag for this youngster with lots of potential. Watch out for him in the future.

At three handed play and with an overwhelming chip lead, Jimmy went on the offensive and tested the limits of his remaining opponents, Steven Djingga from Indonesia and Mohd Dasreen, LWPS XVII Champion and LWPS XVI runner-up. Steven, having previously given up two big pots to Jimmy without showdown, decided to make his stand in the big blind with Q8 against Jimmy’s small blind all in. Unfortunately for Steven, Jimmy had the goods with AJo and Steven needed to play catch up on the board. 10x10xJx flop gave Steven a gut-shot in addition to his over card and Kx on the turn upgraded him to an open ended straight draw. A 6x on the river however, doomed Steven to the rails. Steven picks up SGD$6,000 for his very impressive 3rd place finish.

With a 3:1 chip lead over Dasreen, the detective continued his ever commanding presence heads-up. On a 5c7h4h Jc 6c board, Jimmy’s in-position river bet forced a fold from Dasreen, increasing the chip lead to 4.5:1.

Dasreen, now down to 11 big blinds, was looking for a quick double-up to swing himself back ito contention. Finding Qh10s in the hole, Dasreen called Jimmy’s all-in, finding himself trailing with live cards against Jimmy’s As4d.

The crowd rose to their feet in anticipation, as a Ah3sJc flop surged Jimmy into the lead and left Dasreen in fairly bad shape, drawing to running trips or an inside straight.

The 4c turn consolidated Jimmy’s lead, leaving Dasreen with four outs. It wasn’t to be for the gifted Dasreen on this occasion, with the bricked river concluding the tournament, and crowning a new LWPS champion.

Jimmy Yar, one of the very few men in poker who successfully fended off ‘the curse of the overnight chip-leader’, walks away with SGD$14,000 and the highly coveted LWPS main event trophy!

Full Results

The Pokerstars Freeroll:

1st – Daren Tan - Seat + Merchandise
1st – David Chandra - Seat + Merchandise
1st – Yeo Keng Hian - Seat + Merchandise
1st – How Wee Meng – Seat + Merchandise
1st – Kelvin Sim – Seat + Merchandise
6th – Corine Shi - Merchandise
7th – Terence Yeo - Merchandise
8th – Lucius Chua - Merchandise

Main Event:

1st – Jimmy Yar - $14,000
2nd – Muhd. Dasreen - $7,800
3rd – Steven Djingga - $6,000
4th – Ho Bao Qiang - $4,800
5th – Louis Lee - $3,800
6th – Aaron Lam - $3,000
7th – Phua Si Yang- $2,400
8th – Ryan Heng - $1,900
9th – Lucius Chua - $1,500
10th – Corine Shi - $1,200
11th – Chew Meng Hor - $1000
12th – Jeremy Lim - $1,000
13th – Jerry Lai - $1,000
14th – Philip Tan - $1,000
15th – Lim Chee Siong - $1,000
16th – David Chandra - $800
17th – Mohd. Fuad - $800
18th – Ong Jing Xiang - $800
19th – Andy Tham - $600
20th – Ng Chak Yung - $600
21st – Shervin Wong - $600
22nd - Poh Leng Wee - $600
23nd – Kenny Tan - $600
24rd – Justin Victor - $600
25th – Benjamin Wong- $600
26th – Tan Guan Hao - $600
27th – Lim Min Soon - $600
27th – Wee Yan Zheng - $600

The LWPS Head-Hunter:

1st – The Kman - $3,000
2nd – Neo Zhi Han - $1,800
3rd – Mahdi - $1,200
4th – Lisa Tan - $700
5th – Eric Soh - $300

The Leisure World Poker Series thanks all participants for making LWPS XIX another record-breaking weekend. Congratulations to all winners!

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