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LWPS XV: Edmund Lau Wins Main Event, Season 3 Ends with a Bang!

Posted by : ikelos on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 permalink
Season 3 of the Leisure World Poker Series came to a conclusion last weekend, and what a season it's been. Record prize pools have been set, record attendances have come, and new champions have conquered. The weekend was no different, with many a player making his/her maiden voyage to the LWPS. As it was with LWPS XIV, it was the young blood who asserted their dominance of all events.

Main Event

After the agony of the final table bubble, the floodgates opened with most of the shorter stacks trying to chip up for a serious run at the Championship. First to depart the final table was the field's sole female survivor Michelle Ang, after an excellent run saw her make the FT on her first LWPS outing. Next to fall was overnight chip leader Chong Ee Woon, who found the going less forgiving in Day 2, as well as LWPS veteran Jerry Lai, who was unable to recover after a big all-in preflop hand went an opponent's way.

6-handed play edged along cautiously for an extended period, before a sudden burst of drama. Deric Lee moved his lot in pre-flop from the button with KT, and was dismayed to find not one but two callers. Donn Chia in the small blind had no problems moving in the rest of his chips from the small blind with AK, while Patrick Poh in the big blind, who had them both covered, obliged with AQ. Donn's AK held, and he picked up a massive triple through. With the board bricked out for Deric's KT, Patrick would pick up the side pot with AQ, eliminating Deric in the process.

Also sent to the rails shortly after was Malaysian Henry Wong, who'd, through the tournament, seen his stack size swing more violently then most. With action folded around to him in the small blind, he moved the lot in with K9, only for Edmund Lau to make the call with KT. Neither player connected with the low board, and Henry was out in 5th.

Patrick Poh, who was sitting pretty until the massive 3-way all-in earlier, tried to pick up some (sizeable) blinds and antes when he found the action folded to him in the small blind. After a brief survey of his chips, Aaron Lam in the big blind decided he had sufficient, making the call with QT, which outran Patrick's 34 without undue difficulty. Patrick. who'd played some pretty solid poker thoughout, departed in 4th, a good chunk of change for the better.

The vastly experienced Aaron Lam, finding himself the chip leader 3-handed, made a concerted attempt to pressurise his opponent with increased aggression. The strategem was paying dividends, until he found himself on the wrong end of a pre-flop all-in, his 44 coming in 2nd best to Donn Chia's AK. The tide was duly turning when Aaron was further forced to fold when two more pre-flop raises were snapped off by his opponents' reshoves. In the end, it was Edmund Lau who delivered the killer blow. With Donn having folded the button, Aaron moved all-in from the small blind, and Edmund made a quick call with A3. An Ace on the board put paid the Aaron's run, and he'd exit in 3rd, good for $3,500.

The commencement of heads-up play saw Edmund hold a decent chip advantage, which was promptly threatened when his 2h 5h all-in pre-flop was called by Donn, who tabled Q7. The 6d Jd 8h board was good news for Donn, who'd have pole position wiith a massive double up. As the poker gods would have it however, the Ah turn and 9h river brought Edmund an implausible backdoor flush, the champion's purse of $9,000, in addition to the coveted LWPS XV championship trophy!

Full Results

The Pokerstars Freeroll:

1st - Chong Ee Woon- Seat + Merchandise
1st - Lin Ruizi - Seat + Merchandise
1st - Erwin Ng - Seat + Merchandise
4th - Roger Flueckiger - Merchandise
5th - Bernard Tay - Merchandise
6th - Lester Pinto - Merchandise
7th - Edmund Lau - Merchandise
8th - Cham Yong Wee - Merchandise

Main Event:

1st - Edmund Lau - $9,000
2nd - Donn Chia - $4,800
3rd- Aaron Lam - $3,500
4th - Patrick Poh- $2,700
5th - Henry Wong - $2,100
6th - Deric Lee - $1,600
7th - Jerry Lai - $1,200
8th - Chong Ee Woon - $850
9th - Michelle Ang - $600
10th - Bertrand Wan - $450
11th - Don Zhang - $450
12th - Kenneth Koh - $450
13th - Terence Lai - $450
14th - Tan Eng Li - $450
15th - Muhaimin bin che Din- $450

LWPS Head-Hunter:

1st - Alfred Foo - $1,850
2nd - Thyronnie Soh - $1,100
3rd - Eugene Lee - $700
4th - Andy Toh - $400
5th - Sean Tan - $300

Browse our comprehensive event picture gallery on our Facebook page here!

The LWPS thanks all participants for making Season 3 our best yet, and congratulates all winners. Big thanks also go out to our partners Pokerstars, Youbet, and the MV Leisure World for making it all possible.

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