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LWPS XVI: Event Roundup

Posted by : ikelos on Sunday, April 07, 2013 permalink
The good times continued to roll over the weekend as the LWPS ushered in its 4th Season and Sweet Sixteenth installment. As always, proceedings were all about good cheer, making new friends, catching up with old one, talking hand histories, talking plays, sharing the latest community gossip... Oh and some poker was played too! Read on for all the intense final table action, as well as the full results!

Main Event

The charge for the title began in earnest with the forming of the LWPS XVI final table. Leading the assault were perennial deep-runners 'Dangerous' Daniel Chua and Neo Zhi Han, the latter the overnight chip-leader by some distance. Also making another final table appearance was Tan Chow Lin, who's made some serious in-roads in the game in a relatively short space of time.

First to fall at the final hurdle was Lester Pinto, who had to battle heaven and earth on Day 2 simply to stay in the hunt. Seemingly forever short-stacked, Lester hung in there sufficiently to get himself in contention, before running pocket 5s into Neo Zhi Han's AK. Tan Chow Lin was next to go, when got his hand caught in the cookie jar after his steal attempt from late position got snapped off by a big pair.

The unstoppable freight train that was Neo Zhi Han was coasting, before two dramatic hands completely redefined the dynamics of the final table. Ho Bao Qiang raised from the cut-off, only to be 3-bet by Zhi Han. Bao Qiang made the call, and open shoved on a J88 board. Zhi Han snap-called, turning over KK for a big lead over Bao Qiang's AT. An Ace on the turn however, sent Bao Qiang and his railbirds wild. The river blanked out for both players, giving Bao Qiang a massive double through, while leaving Zhi Han short-stacked. Barely several hands later, Iranian native Kian Vatani moved all-in to an initial raise from Mohd. Dasreen. Zhi Han, in later position, quickly moved the rest of his chips in too. More than covering both players, Dasreen would make the call and give himself to opportunity of busting two players. Zhi Han looked in great shape when the T97 board landed, giving him top-set and his opponents very few outs. The turn however, brought a Q, giving Mohd. Dasreen's KJ an improbable straight. The river card failed to pair the board, and the tournament lost both Kian and Zhi Han at once.

Mohd. Dasreen, in his first LWPS final-table, sensed a momentum shift and did his utmost to capitalise. He certainly rode the Zeitgeist for a bit, picking 6 hands in a row and wresting the chip lead from Ho Bao Qiang in the process. He was finally stopped by Dutchman Peter de Groot, who, to the relief of everyone else, prevented Das from making it 7 on the trot.

The escalating blinds were beginning to exert pressure the remaining short stacks at the table, and Daniel Chua made the move first, looking for some cheap blinds, if not a timely double through. Unfortunately, Mohd. Dasreen had As7s in addition to a ton of chips, while Ho Bao Qiang had found two ladies in the hole, and was not about to opt out with them. Once the dust had settled on the three-way confrontation, the tournament had lost Daniel Chua in 5th, and Bao Qiang had assumed a massive chip-lead into 4-handed play.

Now it was time for Peter de Groot and Bosco Cheung to jump into the mix. Both had been astutely keeping out of harm's way while the big stacks had gone at it, and were now reaping the rewards of having the fourth place purse sewn up at the minimum. Now, they knew they had to chip up to make a serious run for the big prize. With very little by way of chips separating them, everything went into the middle in an all-in preflop contest, with Bosco's 88 besting Peter's 55. A very credible run from the affable Dutchman in his maiden LWPS outing.

If experience is anything to go by in this game, then Bosco Cheung would certainly have been the favourite moving into 3-handed play. One of the earliest adopters of the game in the region with more than a decade of playing history, he may have been out-chipped, but was certainly by no means overwhelmed. As 3-handed play progressed, it seemed a matter of time before his mileage would assert itself. As it turned out, it wasn't to be. Bosco's attempted trap with AA turned to tragedy when he and Bao Qiang got the lot in on a river that brought the latter a full house. Bosco bags 3rd spot, and walks away with a nice bit of dosh for his troubles.

The 3-1 chip advantage Bao Qiang held quickly turned 4-1 after the first few hands of heads-up play. Now struggling to keep his chips above water, Mohd. Dasreen made his stand with AJ in an all-in preflop showdown, with Bao Qiang turning over T9. The rail erupted when the board brought a 9, with Mohd. Dasreen drawing to six outs. With neither the turn nor the river delivering any lifelines for him, he was eliminated in 2nd spot, crowning Ho Bao Qiang the newest champion of the Leisure World Poker Series Main Event.

Full Results

The Pokerstars Freeroll:

1st - Muhd. Fir- Seat + Merchandise
1st - Mervin Ng - Seat + Merchandise
1st - Koh Khee Leng - Seat + Merchandise
4th - Ye Renjie - Merchandise
5th - Tan Jiunn Haur - Merchandise
6th - Maverick Chew - Merchandise
7th - David Shadrach - Merchandise
8th - Teo Ronnie - Merchandise

Main Event:

1st - Ho Bao Qiang - $7,300
2nd - Muhd. Dasreen- $4,300
3rd - Bosco Cheung - $3,400
4th - Peter de Groot- $2,700
5th - Daniel Chua - $2,100
6th - Neo Zhi Han - $1,600
7th - Kian Vatani - $1,200
8th - Tan Chow Lin - $850
9th - Lester Pinto -$700

LWPS Head-Hunter:

1st - Feng Zhao - $1,135
2nd - Richard Lim - $680
3rd - Eric Chen - $455

Browse our comprehensive event picture gallery on our Facebook page (ID: Kaki King):

The LWPS thanks all participants, and congratulates all winners. Big thanks also go out to our partners Pokerstars, Youbet, and the MV Leisure World for making it all possible.

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