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LWPS XXI:  LWPS Comes of Age; Season 5 Closes to Large Hurrah

Posted by : ikelos on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 permalink

By Guest Contributor Necrohavoc

As we creep toward the New Year, the final installment of the 5th Leisure World Poker Series once again gathered poker players of old, new and everyone in between.

The year bore unfavourable news as online poker legislation caused much trepidation amongst players and operators. Online satellites for LWPS that used to be de rigueur were halted to err on the side of caution, and with some justifiable concerns regarding the future of the LWPS.

Attendances for LWPS XXI however, exceeded all expectations - a testament to the sport’s unabated popularity in the region, with 200 runners anteing up for a crack at the LWPS crown.

Main Event

After two gruelling Flight Ones , 49 players made it to Day 2; with overnight chip leader Khor Tat Wei leading the pack. Also in contention with substantial chip stacks were Flight B chip leader Tay Chee Wei, Ong Shun Yong and Ferdinand Peter.

A payout of 21 places meant that more than half of the players would go home disappointed. Shaun Phang took one for team and broke the money bubble, but left with a slew of premium Pokerstars swag for his valiant effort. Experience also carried veteran players Joseph Kim (19th), Peter de Groot (18th), Terence Lai (13th) and Saravanakumar (10th) into the money,

And then there were 9. Among the 9 were former main event champions Liew Kok Kong and Champagne Tan (still our only female champion), but also several new faces to the final table. One of the new faces was runaway chip leader Kelvin Tay, who amassed more than 30% of all the chips in play going into the final table by felting everyway who got in his way.

Kelvin maintained his seemingly unstoppable momentum and quickly dispatched short stacked Ang Guan Jie in 9th place when his AQ failed to improve against Kelvin’s pocket 3s on a board of J T 4 J 2, with the latter dodging an obscene number of outs. This served to waken the other players to the realisation that if they didn't halt the juggernaut, the final table might soon prove a formality.

Jason Ng took his chance and ousted Champagne Tan in 8th when she found herself severely crippled by a massive collision a few hands prior. Her obligatory all-in saw her J4 losing to Jason’s A5 and the table lost it's solitary rose amongst the thorns.

Lucas Hu joined in the fracas when Madhi Rasouli shoved from the small blind and decided that king high was all that was needed to make the call from the big blind. He was right and Madhi’s 58 received no help from a 7 4 3 Q 2 board, ending his run in 7th place.

Liew Kok Kong (6th) was next on the chopping board as both Jason Ng and Lucas Hu called his shove for a 3-way all-in. Action was checked to the river and despite spiking a J on the river, Kok Kong’s premium suited AJ was no good against Lucas’ pocket 5s on a 9 5 K 7 J board.

Adrian Kang, who was relatively quiet due to a spate of bad cards at the final table, finally made his move with J8 and a short stack. Jason quickly picked up on the desperation and called with A8, sending Adrian to the rails in 5th after spiking dead man’s hands on the turn.

It would seem that the impetus had shifted from the chip leader Kelvin, as Malcolm Tai, Jason Ng and Lucas Hu took over most of the table activity for a long stretch. Sensing the shifting tides, Kelvin soon served the table reminder of his unfaltering intent. Tasked to another big decision preflop by Lucas , he decided to call and was vindicated when his A9 dominated Lucas' A6. A board of J T 8 J 2 ended Lucas’ dreams in 4th;

Jason was next on Kelvin’s sights as a cooler brought them together in another all-in preflop situation. Jason’s pocket 8s were unfortunate to run into Kelvin’s Jacks, with Lady Luck failing to smile upon the 80% underdog on a board of 6 T 4 K 2. He exited the tournament at a respectable 3rd place; an extremely good showing from an extremely good player.

In the heads up standoff between Kelvin and Malcolm, the penultimate hand would prove as pivotal, if not more so than the final one. With blinds at an astronomical 40,000/80,000 and ante of 5,000, Malcolm raised from the small blind and Kelvin made the call. Kelvin checked a flop of 3c 6c Qc. Malcolm bet 200,000 and Kelvin made the call. The turn dropped a Kc and Kelvin checked again. Malcolm then bet 300,000 on the turn only to find Kelvin putting him all in. Malcolm went into the tank for the longest time and even though he had committed a large proportion of his chips in the pot, decided to fold in the end. While scooping in the huge pot, Kelvin showed a red Queen and, after some goading from the railbirds, revealed the other hole card as the 4 of clubs.

The title was decided shortly after that monumental hand in yet another cooler. Malcolm’s seemingly despondent all-in after the crushing episode was called by Kelvin, who received a nasty shock when he discovered himself up against AK. Kelvin’s AQ was a big underdog and needed a lot of help. The flop immediately brought a Queen, to rabid cheers and groans from supporters of both camps. No help for Malcolm on the turn or river meant that Kelvin Tay stood as the newly crowned Leisure World Poker Series champion!

Full Results

The LWPS Freeroll:

1st – Tan Chun Hou - Seat + Merchandise
1st – Roger Fluckiger - Seat + Merchandise
1st – Ryan Heng - Seat + Merchandise
1st – Chew Meng Hor – Seat + Merchandise
5th – Wang Rongsheng – Merchandise
6th – Masahiko Sugisaka – Merchandise
7th – Lim Soo Ghee - Merchandise
8th – Lee Wei Li - Merchandise

Main Event:

1st – Kelvin Tay - $12,400
2nd – Malcolm Tai - $8,000
3rd – Jason Ng - $5,800
4th – Lucas Hu - $4,800
5th – Adrian Kang - $3,900
6th – Liew Kok Kong - $3,100
7th – Mahdi Rasouli- $2,400
8th – Champagne Tan - $1,800
9th – Ang Guan Jie - $1,300
10th – The Kman - $900
11th – Thinesh Kurunathan - $900
12th – Pang Chee Beng - $900
13th – Terence Lai - $600
14th – Ong Shun Yong - $600
15th – Douglas Fun - $600
16th – Kwek Yew Yang - $450
17th – Phua Tzai Wai - $450
18th – Peter de Groot - $450
19th – Joseph Kim - $450
20th – Tay Chee Wei - $450
21st – Jan Sin - $450

The LWPS Head-Hunter:

1st – Sherwyn Ng - $3,000
2nd – Justinian Tan - $1,700
3rd – Ho Bao Qiang - $1,000
4th – Phua Si Yang - $600
5th – Benny Mardani - $350

The Leisure World Poker Series thanks all participants for making LWPS XXI a roaring conclusion to Season 5. Congratulations to all winners, and we’ll see you again in Season 6!

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