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PERFECT 10 Day 3 Update

Posted by : DM101 on Sunday, March 15, 2009 permalink

Day 2 ends with 18 players, plays down to Final Table today!

The 45 players who returned to day2 of The Perfect 10 tournament wasted no time in starting the action, with one player busting out on the very first hand. Several players who started the day short stacked also tried to make their moves but got eliminated.

Near the bubble, play slowed to a snails pace and the Tournament director was forced to go hand for hand with 3 players left to the money. During bubble time, an all-in situation on a board of Q-7-4 with 2 spades saw the short stack with A-Q fighting to survive against 7-4 two-pair and A-3 spades for flush draw. The turn came a spade and the bubble was finally burst, making everyone burst into celebration and applause. ITM was guaranteed P50,000.

The action quickly opened up, and by midnight, it was down to 18. Play resumes today until we finally determine the top THREE players who will become Millionaires!

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