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Pokerkaki Poker Deals

Posted by : DM101 on Monday, April 06, 2009 permalink
Pokerkaki Poker Deals is proud to announce the launch of its Poker Deals Section! From April 1st 2009, will be working with some of the biggest poker sites in the world to bring our members better value for their play.

We’ve launched 2 deals for the month of April, and we will be looking to bring our members 1 or 2 new deals every month. As you know, we’ve tied up deals with NOIQ Poker and Stingbet this month. Both sites are offering our members 30% Rakeback, as well as exclusive rake races for Pokerkaki members only!

Here’s a little clarification on some of the terms above that we’ve received queries on:

What is rakeback?

Essentially, poker sites make money in 2 ways:

- You pay them a fee when you enter a tournament (tournament fees)
- They take x% of pots you play in ring games (rake)

A rakeback deal means that you get a % rebate based on the amount of fees and rake you pay. Whether you play 1 hour or 10 hours a day, a good rakeback deal will significantly boost your bankroll and profitability. In short, rakeback turns break-even players into winning players, while making winning players even more money. Check our Poker Deals segment for some of these great deals.

What is a rakerace?

Sometimes poker related portals like have promotional arrangements with poker sites like rake races. To illustrate, Stingbet and NOIQ Poker have offered races worth €500 and €250 respectively for the month of April/May, April. This is exclusive to members! Simply finish among the top 5 Pokerkaki players on each site, and you’ll pick up some extra cash rewards. To qualify for this promotion, do make sure you click on our banners or key in our marketing code. You’ll be able to check our Poker Deals page for more information.

We will be updating the Pokerkaki rake race leaderboards weekly.

Don’t hesitate to contact the forum administrators for any additional clarification.

The Pokerkaki Team

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