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Pokerkakis score @ Macau Cup

Posted by : DM101 on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 permalink congratulates kakis Ricky Foo(aka rickyfoo) and Daniel Chua(aka eRaiser) for doing themselves proud at Event 5 of the recently concluded Macau Cup.

Event 5 defending champion Ricky Foo continued his solid string of Macau Cup performances by bagging 8th spot in a tough field, before running his short stacked A2 all-in preflop into his opponent’s pocket Jacks. For yet another credible run on the felt, Ricky picked up HKD$6,800 for his efforts.

Eliminating him was kaki Daniel Chua, who ploughed through the field with ease before arriving at the final table with the majority of chips in play in his possession. Daniel proceeded to destroy the final table with his massive stack, with the poker gods dealing him and endless array of strong hands. Daniel made short work of his opponent during heads up play, with both players all-in preflop. Daniel’s AA had his unfortunate opponent’s 99 well and truly dominated, and he shipped the Event 5 trophy and the first place purse of a tidy HKD$36,690.

Congratulations to both players, and we’re sure we’ll see both their names in lights again before long.

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