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Raiden Kan Wins Macau Poker Cup Championship 2011

Posted by : DM101 on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 permalink

MACAU, CHINA, October 16, 2011 – PokerStars Macau at Casino Grand Lisboa hosted the Macau Poker Cup Championship 2011 from October 7-16 and Asia's hottest poker destination didn't dissapoint. The Main Event set new MPCC records for both field size and prize money as 308 players competed for a piece of the $5,553,856 prize pool.

The 10-day poker schedule ended Asia's premiere poker series for 2011 in high fashion as it awarded HKD $12,358,408 (USD $1,584,400)
amongst the 12 cash tournaments -- the first time any MPC series has reached the 10 million mark for prize money.

"It's a fantastic accomplishment!" said Danny McDonagh, PokerStars Director of Live Operations for Asia-Pacific. "Breaking records in the Main Event, the MPCC overall, crossing the ten million mark, and having an exciting final table full of top ranked Asian players is more than I could have hoped for. Our team is ecstatic with the result this week!"

Taking center stage amongst it all was PokerStars player Raiden Kan who beat the record Main Event field taking home the HKD $1,250,000 (USD $160,000) grand prize. The 27-year old is the first Malaysian to win a major tournament on the Asian poker circuit and also improves his Asia Player of the Year ranking from No. 4 to No. 2.

Kan beat a final table that had the likes of No. 1 Hung-sheng "Shaq" Lin, No. 11 Charles Lam, and high stakes poker pro Sunny Jung.

Main Event - Final Table Results

Raiden Kan (Malaysia) -- $1,250,000
Victor Chong (Malaysia) -- $860,800
Robert Huang (Chinese Taipei) -- $511,000
Chester Lee (Malaysia) -- $402,700
Charles Lam (Hong Kong) -- $319,300
Hung-sheng "Shaq" Lin (Chinese Taipei) -- $263,800
Richard Hu (China) -- $208,300
Sunny Jung (Korea) -- $152,700
Seijiro Machi (Japan) -- $125,056

For complete Main Event Prize Payouts please CLICK HERE

Kan entered the final table as the overnight chip leader and he never relinquished his dominating stack.

Raiden had described Sunny Jung as, "The toughest player on the table." and particularly so since the Korean sat directly to his left in a favorable position. Shaq Lin also garnered plenty of attention as the Taiwanese poker pro was making his 3rd major tournament final table in 2011 and a Top 3 finish by Lin would all but assure the the APOY award.

Both giants would eventually fall at the hands of Kan who eliminated them and continually added to his monstrous chip count.

It didn't take long before an all-Malaysian heads up match was set between Kan and Victor Chong -- who started Sunday with the second biggest stack.

The duel began with Kan leading 3.65 million to Chong's 2.45 million. Chong never appeared phased by his opponent's enormous stack and chipped away to close the gap within a few hundred thousand chips.

Then came the big set-up. On a flop of Q♦9♦6♦, Chong moved all-in and was immediately called by Raiden who flipped over the made flush with J♦7♦.

Clearly surprised, Chong turned over Q♥6♥ for 2-pair and began calling for a queen or six to fill a full house. It didn't happen and the main event trophy went to a well deserved Raiden Kan.

"I'm really happy," said a spirited Kan through a translator. "I really haven't thought about the money."

Asked about his chances at the prestigous APOY award the popular local player answered, "I was well aware of Shaq and the Asia Player of the Year implications. I've got a big chance now and I'm very confident. APPT Macau is my next goal of course and focusing on that will also get me the Asia Player of the year."

Even Shaq praised Kan's accomplishments by saying, "Before the MPCC even started, me and my brother (No. 3 ranked Aaron Lin) agreed that Raiden Kan was the biggest threat for our quest of the APOY. He has lots of experience."

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For Summary of the Main Event Live Reporting please visit

There was plenty of side events running the last two days and highlighting the weekend was PokerStars player Teemu Autio from finland who won the High Rollers event that awarded nearly HKD $2,000,000 in prize money. The 19-year old student beat 43 players on his title run and collected HKD $792,200 in first prize money.

Inaugural MPCC champion Devan Tang placed 4th for HKD $237,700 and Alexandre Chieng placed 5th for HKD $158,480. Chieng's 10th final table -- a single-season record in Asia -- breaks the 3-way tie between himself and the Taiwanese Lin brothers (Shaq and Aaron).

Autio slow played his boardwalk straight holding KJ on an A-Q-J flop. China's Zuo Wang unknowlingly improved for the worse holding J4 as the Four on the river prompted him to move all-in with his 2-pair only to discover he never had a chance.

"My friend suggested I visit macau after our trip to vegas." said Autio. "I made it to the final table a couple times during this MPCC event. It's a good trip!"

Event 10: High Rollers -- Final Table Results

Teemu Autio (Finland) -- $792,200
Zuo Wang (China) -- $475,,300
Michael Mariakis (Australia) -- $316900
Devan Tang (Hong Kong) -- $237,700
Alexandre Chieng (China) -- $158,480

Event 9: $6,000 NLH had 122 runners building a $645,624 prize pool and was won by Aussie Johnnie Dichiera who picked up $167,900 for his work on Saturday night.

Event 9: $6,000 NLH -- Final Table Results

Johnnie Dichiera (Australia) -- $167,900
Allen Yassine (Australia) -- $109,800
Tsun Ming Chan (Hong Kong) -- $74,200
Kian Weng Choong (Malaysia) -- $61,300
Kazuma Ieiri (Japan) -- $48,400
Yujung Choi (Korea) -- $42,000
Manami Hayamizu (Japan) -- $35,500
Aaron Rong Abel Ker Chew (Malaysia) -- $29,100
Yan Cai (China) -- $22,600
Kok Weng Beh (Malaysia) -- $16,124

Singapore's Tai Tan beat the 117-player field in the $1,000 Rebuy event as he wins his first title after 4 final table appearances this year. Tan received HKD $86,200 out of the $331,632 prize pool.

Event 11: $1,000 Rebuy -- Final Table Results

Tai Tan (Singapore) -- $86,200
Hirotoshi Nakabo (Japan) -- $56,400
Tsugunari Toma (Japan) -- $38,100
Joseph Marchal (USA) -- $31,500
Mario Castro (Macau) -- $24,900
Masato Shimizu (Japan) -- $21,600
Roland Magness (Malaysia) -- $18,200
Pascal Cohen (France) -- $14,900
Marcelo Burstin (Canada) -- $11,600
Milton De Spain (Macau) -- $8,432

The Ladies Event was won by Japan's Emi Hibuse who beat the 28-player field in the photo-friendly tournament. Hibuse had the chip lead but looked in bad shape when she moved all-in with pocket 6s only for her opponent -- Hong Kong's Jay Tan -- to call with pocket 7s. However, the poker gods were on Hibuse's side as she wins her first tournament in Macau.

"I'm so happy and exciting now. It is my best record at a PokerStars Macau event," said the well recognized Japanese player, "and now I feel so confident to win again at the APPT Macau...Ladies Event!"

Ladies Event

Emi Hibuse (Japan) -- $9,846
Jennette "Jay" Tan (Hong Kong) -- $5,950
Joanna Mardare (Australia) -- $3,950
Jill Maley (Australia) -- $2,950
Wei Zhu (Australia) -- $2,000

For Official Side Event Results please CLICK HERE

The next special event at PokerStars Macau is APPT Macau from November 17-27 featuring the HKD $30,000 Main Event and boasts a HKD $6,000,000 Guarantee. The tournament launches Season 5 of the biggest poker tour in Asia while also staging the conclusion to the Asia Player of the Year race.

Players can qualify to APPT Macau at PokerStars

APPT Macau - Season 5 Schedule
(All figures in HKD)

17/11/11 @ 20.10 Event 1: $1,000 Charity Event + 2 Rebuys ($50,000 Added Prizes)
18/11/11 @ 20.10 Event 2: $3,000 NLH $300,000 Guarantee (2-day event)
19/11/11 @ 18.00 Event 3: $10,000 NLH $800,000 Guarantee (2-day event)
20/11/11 @ 14.10 Event 4: $1,000 Rebuy $150,000 Guarantee
21/11/11 @ 14.10 Event 5: $1,500 Deepstack $150,000 Guarantee
22/11/11 @ 14.10 Event 6: $5,000 6-Handed
23/11/11 @ 12.10 Event 7: $30,000 Main Event $6,000,000 Guarantee - Day 1A
23/11/11 @ 16.00 Event 8: $5,000 KO Bounty $
24/11/11 @ 12.10 Event 7: $30,000Main Event $6,000,000 Guarantee - Day 1B
24/11/11 @ 16.00 Event 9: $4,000 NLH
25/11/11 @ 14.10 Event 10: $3,000 NLH
25/11/11 @ 18.00 Event 11: $15,000 NLH $1,000,000 Guarantee (2-day event)
26/11/11 @ 12.30 Event 12: $6,000 NLH $600,000 Guarantee
26/11/11 @ 16.00 Event 13: $100,000 High Rollers (2-day event)

27/11/11 @ 14.10 Event 14: $2,500 KO Bounty $250,000 Guarantee

For the complete APPT Macau schedule please visit

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