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Singaporean Slays Red Dragon

Posted by : DM101 on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 permalink

Patrick Lee wins the Red Dragon main event at record breaking Macau Poker Cup

MACAU, CHINA, August 14, 2011 – PokerStars Macau at Casino Grand Lisboa was once again the site of another record breaking Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon which took place from August 6-14.

The 9-day poker celebration had a total of 1,652 players and awarded HKD $9,553,323 (USD $1,225,000) in prize money which are both records.

"It's an amazing way to finish the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon series in 2011." said Danny McDonagh, PokerStars Director of Live Operation for Asia-Pacific. "I'm really looking forward to October's MPC: Championship. Already having 4 record breaking events this year leaves me very optimistic about doing the same for the final two majors."

478 players from 39 different countries competed in the second biggest Red Dragon main event ever. The top 58 runners would win a piece of the guarantee-smashing HKD $4,780,000 (USD $612,800) prize pool.

PokerStars Macau Qualifier Patrick Lee became the first player from Singapore to win the legendary MPC main event. The 27-year old won the HKD $1,039,700 (USD $134,155) grand prize after 3 grueling days of play.

"It feels good." said the 27-year old aspiring poker pro. "I have played a few live events here at PokerStars Macau but this is my first final table. I haven't thought about the money. I'm just excited about the win and will be attending future events for sure!"

Asia's biggest poker room was packed with tournament finales as 3 side event titles were also decided on Sunday.

Hong Kong's Michael Yeh won Event 7: $6,000 NLH taking home the lion's share of the HKD $844,668 prize pool.

19 of the event-record 158 runners returned for Day 2 of Event 7 including Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin. Cashing in her second numbered event of the week, the Shanghai-born Lin had a short day and lost a coin flip exiting in 16th place. Australian Bruce Nguyen made his third final table in 7 days but had to settle for the HKD $46,500 6th-place money. Eventually heads up play would become an all-Hong Kong dual between Yeh and Paul Cheng.

In the final hand, Yeh moved all-in with KJ and was called by Cheng's A9. The board flopped K-Q-8 to give the finance manager the top-pair lead and another Eight and King gave Yeh a full house for good measure. The 32-year old Yeh won HKD $160,000 for his first title in two final table appearances this year.

Event 8: High Rollers was won by Hong Kong's Bjorn Li who received HKD $477,872 after defeating the 53-player field. The 21-year old college student sat at a final table that included No. 2 ranked Haifeng Xue and PokerStars sponsored player Neil Arce. Unfortunately, both would fall before Li was left with only Japan's Takuya Suzuki in his way for the title.

A short-stacked Suzuki moved all-in before the flop with pocket 4s and Li quickly made the call with pocket 7s. No miracle came for the popular Japanese player and Li would claim victory.

A record 208 players joined the Event 9: KO Bounty for their last chance at MPC fame. Hung Chang Lin -- brother of No. 1 ranked Hung-Sheng "Shaq" -- claimed victory for a HKD $86,200 first prize and another HKD $5,000 for his 10 bounties.

Both Lin brothers made the final table but Shaq would be eliminated in 9th. After another 7 runners were sent to the rail, Russia's Alexander Nishkun got ready for the final 1-on-1 battle of the weekend against Hung Chang.

In the final hand, Lin moved all-in with JT and Nishkun decided to make a stand with J9. The board didn't improve either player and Hung Chang won his second tournament of the year.

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26 players returned for the main event's Day 3 final and overnight chip leader Xiaobo Zhou looked destined to return the Red Dragon to China. Zhou built what seemed like an insurmountable chip lead throughout the day.

By the time the final table was 3-handed it appeared as though Lee and Japan's Tetsuya Tsuchikawa had little chance of victory with the Chinese player easily covering them both. However, the two underdogs would chip away at Zhou until a poorly timed bluff sent a crippling stack of chips to the Singaporean.

Tsuchikawa would finish off Zhou but despite the KO, the Japanese player found himself down 2-to-1 entering heads up play. Lee kept the pressure and the match ended in a classic coin flip --
Tsuchikawa's pocket tens were up against Lee's AJ.

The board ran A-Q-4-K-6 and the pair of aces sent Lee to the winners circle and moves the now-top ranked Singapore player into No. 10 on the Asia Player of the Year standings.

Final Table Results:

1st: Patrick Lee (Singapore) - HKD $1,039,700
2nd:Tetsuya Tsuchikawa (Japan) - HKD $717,000
3rd: Xiaobo Zhou (China) - HKD $425,400
4th: Jun Wah Yap (Malaysia) - HKD $329,800
5th: Chen Lu (China) - HKD $251,000
6th: Daniel Tarnopol (USA) - HKD $203,200
7th: Jun Chen (China) - HKD $160,100
8th: Pawel Chmiel (Poland) - HKD $119,500
9th: Jin Wenlong (China) - HKD $95,800

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