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BigDC89 takes down Grand Prize Finale and MPC Package; The Pokerkaki League 2013 Wraps

Posted by : ikelos on Monday, August 05, 2013 permalink
A long, exciting, and at times arduous Pokerkaki League season was brought to a close with the Grand Prize Finale.

22 of the league's finest set up to do battle on a balmy Sunday evening, all with their eyes on the Macau Poker Cup Package, courtesy of the Pokerkaki League. All the players needed for eligibility was to finish well in the league across any of the given 4 months, and to attain a Silverstar status in any of these months. The rules permitted for a maximum of 32 players in the Grand Prize Finale, but also allowed players who had qualified in the early months to block off slots by doing well in subsequent months.

The final table was assembled when all three no-shows were blinded off in quick succession, with BigDC89 holding the chip lead. bomberman339, one of the table's shorter stacks was first to fall when he was outrun in an all-in preflop situation. Next to go, quite surprisingly, was eraiser88. A veteran of the circuit and one of the early market favourites, eraiser88 found himself 2nd best in 3 consecutive hands, before being unceremoniously dispatched when his top 2 pair ran into BB8BB's set of 6s.

Next to depart was Pol51, who found his pair outflopped after BigDC89 spiked a larger pair on the flop in a pre-flop 4-bet situation. Polz51's elimination meant that BigDC89 would hold a thoroughly commanding chip lead 6-handed, outdistancing the field by a whopping 33,000 in chips. Humtilt also found the going rough 6-handed. Short on chips and facing escalating blinds, he found his late position jam snapped off by defending champion MJFX's AT, which held comfortably for the win.

BigDC89 was looking to consolidate and bring home the bacon at this point by putting a ton of pressure on the blinds. Saul2008 took a stand in the small blind with an AJ 3-bet shove, only for BigDC89 to turn over AK. Both players blanked out, but with the latter's King playing, Saul2008 would bid the tournament farewell in 5th position. The rest of the chasing pack knew they'd have to chip up soon to stay competitive, and BB8BB did just that when he snapped off a 3-bet shove from wreiza with AJ, chipping him up nicely and eliminating the talented wreiza in the process.

Not long after, defending champion MJFX foun him the unfortunate position of having flopped 2 pair on a board that also gave his BB8BB a flopped flush. In the chips went, and with the river and turn blanking out, the Pokerkaki League was now about the crown a new champion.

Heads-up play commenced cagily, with both players taking time to feel each other out. With a 2-1 chip lead, BigDC89 was looking to capitalise with his considerable experience at tournament play. Malaysian BB8BB however, was not about to go down without a struggle. With relentless pressure pre-flop and on the early streets however, BigDC89 managed to carve out a 4-1 chip lead. The final hand came when BB8BB found a pair he could move in with, With a considerable chip advantage, BigDC89 insta called with T9, and was up against the former's ducks. A ten on the flop left the plucky BB8BB drawing mighty slim, and when the miracle cards failed to materialise, the Pokerkaki League 2013 had a crowned a new champion.

Congratulations to BigDC89 for taking down the Pokerkaki League Grand Prize Finale, and for bagging the Macau Poker Cup Package!

The Pokerkaki League congratulates all prize winners, and is deeply thankful to all the players that participated. We'll see all of you again next year!

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