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The Leisure World Poker Series I – Event Report

Posted by : DM101 on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 permalink

The largest ever gathering of the Pokerkaki community took place on the M/V Leisure World over the weekend, with more than a hundred kakis throughout the region piling onboard for what promised to be an exciting 2 days of non-stop tournament and ring game poker. Participation figures doubled from the last Pokerkaki event, a testament to the appeal and explosive growth of the game in the region.

Presided over by celebrity Tournament Director Ivan Tan, the event was graced by multiple luminaries of the poker scene, amongst them Pokerstars Team Asia Pro Bryan Huang, Team RedKings Pro Jason Samsonov, the 2009 Pokerkaki Player of the Year ‘Major’ Ricky Foo, back-to-back Battle of the High Seas Champion Erique ‘Necrohavoc’ Tan, defending champion Daniel Chua, former Genting champion Bobby ‘Uncle Bob’ Cheong, as well as Alex Loon, star of the recently concluded Asian Poker Showdown. Poker being the great equalizer it is however, it was a host of brilliant unknowns who would take centre stage as the tournaments unfolded.

Main Event

A total of 112 players took their seats for the Main Event. 2 flights of 56 players would play down to the final 16 before reconvening at noon the following day. Neither flight would prove very kind to the established names, as they fell one by one to the wayside. Asian Games pool silver medalist Tan Tiong Boon put himself in contention for the big prize by getting in the money with a huge stack, as did colourful personalities like Bobby Cheong and Thinesh Kurunathan. Just missing out on an ITM spot was the unfortunate Frank Missel, who doubled up Edwin De Jong when the latter’s AQ outran his pocket sixes, and who busted on the very next hand when his AQ bricked out against Edwin’s pocket fives.

Getting to the final table was an even trickier affair, with no apparent soft spots in the remaining field. Tournament regular Lim Min Soon was well up among the chip leaders, as were rising stars like Bendon Tan and Chen Wei Shyong. Bendon was in control for a large part of Day 2, until a small blind big blind confrontation with Hazel Chong left him crippled. Crowd pleasers Bobby Cheong and Thinesh were giving their opponents a hard time while entertaining the railbirds. Elsewhere, the unflappable Chaky ‘No Showdown’ Ng was accumulating chips by taking down a seemingly endless series of small pots. With barely a flop in sight, it was approximately 4 hours before the final table was assembled.

Main Event - Final Table

With at least $960 guaranteed and the pressure off, the final table got off to a roaring start, with several of the shorter stacks taking turns to move their chips in the middle. Lavernia, cheered on by her small posse of railbirds, quickly got her stack in the middle with pocket eights and found a welcome triple up by spiking a set on the river. Lim Min Soon was first to face elimination from the final table, but would find consolation by immediately registering himself for the Rebuy event, eventually going on to win it. Min Soon was followed by Hazel Chong, Lim Chee Siong, and Andy Tan, who all put in stellar performances through the tournament. Chen Wei Shyong was edged out in 4th place when his AQ failed to hold up against Ong Jing Xiang’s A5. Jing Xiang certainly had the poker gods on his side this evening, spiking important cards on crucial hands to stay afloat. Eliminating Wei Shyong gave him the big stack, and here he ceaselessly applied pressure on Lavernia and Chaky Ng, obliging the latter the call off the rest of his chips with 7s 10s, which he beat with Qd 9c. Facing an opponent with a commanding chip lead, Lavernia moved her chips in the middle pre-flop with Jd 8s, finding a snap call from Jing Xiang, who turned over Ad 3s. The Qc 9d 3d 5h As board would give Jing Xiang the hand, and the Leisure World Poker Series I Main Event Championship.

The Pokerkaki team congratulates all winners, and thanks all of you for making this flagship event a success. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you next month!

$250 Main Event Final Results:

1st : Ong Jing Xiang - $6,000
2nd: Lavernia - $4,060
3rd: Chaky Ng - $2,625
4th: Chen Wei Shyong - $2,150
5th: Andy Tan - $1,670
6th: Lim Chee Siong - $1,430
7th: Hazel Chong - $1,200
8th: Lim Min Soon - $960

$115 + R Side Event Final Results:

1st : Lim Min Soon - $4,260
2nd: Francis Lim - $2,460
3rd: Frank Missel - $1,450
4th: Ye Junde - $1,110
5th: Travers Tan - $890
6th: J.T. Lee - $660
7th: Paul Wee - $300

Picutres of all winners can be found here.

Picture gallery can be found on Facebook. See links below.!/album.php?aid=142230&id=1040689115

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