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The Millionaire Button Clickers

Posted by : ikelos on Wednesday, April 09, 2014 permalink
Most of us are already accustomed to having our favourite game demonised in the mainstream media. Every time poker makes the news, it's treated by uninformed writers with a series of broad generalisations, always guilty without the opportunity to establish innocence.

Every now and again however, we're privileged with a writer who bothers to get into the nuts and bolts of things; who hears the other side of the story, and offers up a balanced treatment of the subject matter. When we get really lucky, the writer can also weave a compelling narrative. Farhan Shah is such a writer, and he's just had "The Millionaire Button Clickers" published in this month's edition of Esquire Singapore.

Unfortunately, reproduction of the article here is impossible owing to copyright issues. You can pick up a copy of Esquire Singapore at newsstands, or via digital download. Check out the link below for an excerpt.

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