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The Perfect 10 Champion, Kent del Rosario

Posted by : DM101 on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 permalink

Final Table came at around 6pm yesterday after the bubble was burst by Aljarreau Galang who busted in 10th place. Needless to say, the action was intense from the start. Two pocket aces were cracked by KQ and JJ sending two players to the rail. Rizzie Galan, shortest stack from the start of the day, outlasted 10 players to win 8th place. Several hours later, it was down to three Filipinos. Former FPT champion Kent Del Rosario, Mon Santos, and Dexter Co Keyhong. The top three were all already millionaires, guaranteed P1,000,000 for third place, P1.65M for 2nd and of course, P3M for first place.

The favorite to win was Kent, who already has 2 major titles with over 2 million pesos in tournament winnings. After getting heads up with Dexter Co Keyhong, Kent took over the action until it came down to the final hand where Kent pushed all-in with A-T and got called by Dester with A-7. The ten give came on the flop giving Dexter three outs. The turn and river were blanks and Kent’s hand held up, giving him his 2nd FPT title and the full three million peso prize.

Another milestone tournament that broke all records in local poker has ended. We saw the most number of players ever at 333, the biggest prize pool at P10 million, and now, the first ever two-time champion of the FPT!

Congratulations to Kent Del Rosario, who overcame all odds even after a tragic fire burned down most of his possessions a few days before this tournament began. Needless to say, now he can replace all those things with the P3 million pesos he won!

1. Kent del Rosario PHP 3M
2. Dexter Cokehyeng PHP 1.65M
3. Mon Santos - PHP Metro Davao 1M
4. Robert Browning - PHP Bravio Cebu 600K
5. Dana Go Coyuito PHP 500K
6. Erik Fam (Singapore) PHP 400K
7. Del TY PHP 300K
8. Rizzie Galan PHP 250K
9. Philip Chua PHP 200K

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