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Van Marcus won the 2008 APPT Manila Main Event

Posted by : DM101 on Monday, November 17, 2008 permalink
On the final hand, Tah Jun raised to 210,000. Marcus called and they saw a flop of 8s-3c-6s. Tah Jun bet 200,000, and Marcus pushed all-in. Tah Jun called, and revealed Jd-8d, for top pair, while Marcus has 9-7, for an open ended straight draw.

As was the custom at this final table, Marcus was all-in with the worst hand, and needed to hit a 5, 9 or 10 on the turn or river to win the hand and the tournament. Sure enough, Marcus hit the 10d on the turn. The river was Jd, which gave Tah Jun two-pair, but this was not good enough to take down Marcus’ straight. A gallant runner-up, Noh Tae Jun takes home PHP 5,090,100 or USD$103,142.75.

Tae Jun Noh from Korea took 2nd place to cash PHP 5,090,100 (approx. USD$103,143). Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson (Winner 2006 Aussie Millions) from New Zealand took 6th place to cash PHP 1,071,600 (approx. USD$21,714). The PokerStars Online Qualifier Rainier Aquino from Philippines, who qualified online through a free roll, took ninth place to cash PHP 455,430 (approx. USD$9,229).

Place Name Country PS Status Prize (approx. USD)
1 Van Marcus Australia PokerStars Sponsored Player 162,857 USD
2 Tae Jun Noh Korea 103,143 USD
3 Hyoungjin Nam Korea 54,286 USD
4 Chang Michael Korea 38,000 USD
5 Ramil Soriano Tandoc Philippines 29,314 USD
6 Lee Nelson New Zealand Team PokerStars Pro 21,714 USD
7 Manish Sansi Hong Kong 16,286 USD
8 Benjamin Ong Lim Philippines 12,486 USD
9 Rainier Aquino Philippines PS Qualifier 9,229 USD

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