Poker Tournament Basics (Part 2)

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Poker Tournament Basics (Part 2)

Postby jerryjohnson » Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:42 pm

If you play in single table sit and go Lottery Cash Software Review poker tournaments you will probably be playing in the ten player variant meaning you must finish in the top three to see some prize money. Here are a few tips and strategies for how to handle those nervous times as your opponents fall away and you get nearer to the money.

Following classic sit and go poker tournament strategy you will probably have sat tight in then early rounds and only got involved in a pot if you have a premium starting hand. You can afford to wait for your opponents to knock each other out whilst getting a read on them yourself.

However when the action gets down to five or less players (hopefully including you) then you simply cannot wait for those premium hands. You must change your strategy and approach to become more aggressive and play more hands. If you insist on waiting for premium hands - your odds of hitting one decrease significantly as the number of players at the table decreases and you will find your chip stack and chances of a money finish disappearing with your chip stack as of course you still have to post blinds.
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