Conditions Helped by TENS Therapy

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Conditions Helped by TENS Therapy

Postby jerryjohnson » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:54 pm

Swelling in the knee joint can be an Joint Advance Review indication of a plethora of problems. Knee swelling occurs when there is an accumulation of fluid around the knee joint; this may be as a result of trauma, disease or infection.

Injuries that occur as a result of physical activity may cause damage to ligaments and meniscus both of which if damage can result in swelling. Determining where the damage occurs depends on how rapid the knee becomes swollen. Often if the knee becomes swollen immediately after physical injury then it is an indication of ligament damage, if swelling occurs gradually over several hours then this indicates damage to the meniscus. In cases where knee becomes swollen without any sign of physical injury, it is an indication of an underlying disease, often arthritis.

Apart from injury the most common cause of knee swelling is disease, especially in older individuals. The more common diseases that result in swelling are osteoarthritis, gout and bursitis. Both gout and osteoarthritis causes degradation of the cartilage around the knee joint causing severe pain and inflammation. A bursa is a fluid filled sac around the knee joint that serves as a gliding surface that reduces friction between the cartilage and joints. When this sac is damaged one experience intense pain followed by swelling, this is known as bursitis.
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