SPC Player of the Year 2016

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SPC Player of the Year 2016

Postby ikelos » Mon May 09, 2016 12:32 pm

POTY Talk and Updates here.
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Re: SPC Player of the Year 2016

Postby MJFX » Fri May 13, 2016 8:46 pm

Even though i would lead the POY race based on the adjusted payouts, i don't think it is right that we use prizepool to award POY and certainly not adjusted payout.

1) Adjusted payout can be rigged, meaning potentially people can deal officially at favourable payout for 1 person but unofficially the prize $ can be passed back. Even if this is arms length fair play deal, its a POY sporting contest and shouldnt be decided based who is the best deal negotiator or subject to favouritism/discretion. If we have to use payout, we should use the official payout and not the ones after deal.

2) Like any other POY competition, we should compute "points" based on event buy in, field size and placing. A player who has made 2-3 final tables whether main event or side event should be ranked higher than another player who cash once but won the main event with the biggest 1st prize. Simply using official prizepool means the POY will almost certainly come from the main event winners, making the POY race rather anti climax towards the end. It should be an open race that rewards consistency.

3). I propose using the same points system used by pokerstars Macau for the placing 1st to 10th (only if cash): 1st 120pts, 2nd 100pts, 3rd 80pts, 4th 60pts, 5th 50pts, 6th 40pts, 7th 35pts, 8th 30pts, 9th 25pts and 10th 20pts. We then improvise (similar to APT system) to make sure people who cash get points too, 11th -18th 15pts, 19th-27th 10pts, 28th-36th (if required) 5points. This is very similar to APT system though their 5points is awarded for participation. It's also quite a flat structure, and winner is more likely going to who final table the most.

4l. Next is the multiplier for buy in.
Side event ($100-$300) is 1, main event ($300-$500) is 1.5, high roller (>$500 if we have one) is 2.

5l. Then the field size, we can make it very simple using multiples of 50.
2-50 = 1, 51-100 = 2, 101-150 = 3, 151-200 = 4, 201-250 = 4.5, 251-300 = 5 and so forth. This is almost the same as pokerstars Macau and slightly different to the APT one.

6l. Please, no SNG.. not really fair because only "privileged" groups of players can play. Either they have been eliminated and can't reenter anymore or they have made it to day 2 via day 1a.

I suggest to backtest this to previous seasons and see who finishes top 3, and if the winners make sense to you that he/she is the best player over the season then you have an equitable system.
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