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Harrington hand 6-7

PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:32 am
by keldraco
Hand 6-7 Blinds:$10/$20 9 players

Situation: Early in a single-table online tournament. UTG and player on your left have been very aggressive so far.

Your hand: [Ad] [7c] ($910) 2nd position

Action to you: UTG ($1070) calls.

Action: Should have fold but you raises to $40. Everyone folds around to BB ($1210), who calls, and UTG also call. (pot:$130)

Flop: [Jh] [5c] [2s]

Action: The BB and UTG both check. What should you do?

Answer: This was a series of great results for you. No raisers, only two callers, and you ended with position on both of them. (Note, by the way, that both the BB and UTG made a mistake of not betting to define their hands.) The texture of the flop was also excellent and both players check.

What does he mean?

Re: Harrington hand 6-7

PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:01 pm
by felixleong
First of all when BB and UTG flat called to see the flop, their hand ranges were probably like small pair or suited connected that kinda range... at worst A/X hand like u, but unlikely.

What Harrington meant was that if either of them had a hand, like 45 SC that hit a small pair or a smaller pocket pair like 33/44/66 that missed the board, they should had bet out (maybe 1/2 pot size) to define their hands ( see where they stand ).A strong raise by you would probably be viewed as strength (AJ kinda hand) leading to an easy fold.

Obviously when its your turn, you are gonna cbet since both of them shown weakness by checking and its a dry board that they can miss and the board texture is poor for improving their hands (way ahead way behind board). If you bet out, its tough for either them to call with a small pair... since 1) its hard for them to improve on their holding and 2) a leveraged bet on the turn will force them out