Please introduce yourself to the community here. E.g your name, age, profession, how long have you been playing poker..etc. Share & discuss your poker experiences with us. Make yourself at home.
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1) Do introduce yourself to the kakis.
2) Don't post any home games, events or meet ups in this section.


Postby statix » Thu Sep 20, 2007 10:42 am

I've been on pokerkaki for awhile now but haven't really left any significant msg.

So here I am, saying hi to all. I've been playing poker for more than 3 years now, grinding my way up from cents and pennies game to my current bankroll. Addicted to poker. Think of it all the time.

Hope to play with some of you soon.

Been checking BAPT's website almost everyday hoping that they will announce the tournament this year but looks like there will not be a BAPT Singapore this year considering they still haven't announced anything until now. :(

Missing some good live poker tournament actions.
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Re: Hey

Postby suitedpairs29 » Thu Sep 20, 2007 2:40 pm


welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy it here.

i, too, have been periodically checking the betfair site for details on any upcoming event

PM me you digits and real name so i can contact you when we have any games

:ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:

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Re: Hey

Postby davidfrost » Tue Dec 23, 2014 10:23 pm

Hi Statix, I'm just checking around on things, where do you usually play Poker?
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Re: Hey

Postby BusterParkison » Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:23 am

Hi Statix, welcome to PokerKaki forum. I am also looking for someone to play.
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