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Hi! New kaki on board (literally)

PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2009 6:29 pm
by zexin
Hi all pokerkakis!

(Just returned from MV LongJie..)
I'm Jackson, and i've just picked up this extremely fascinating(albeit frustrating at times) game from a good friend of mine very recently. Currently, I'm stay in the East (along bedok reservoir road), and i'm working as a civil servant..

Some brief history of how I fell into the 'pot-hole' of poker...I started playing with virtual chips in facebook extensively for about a week or so until i fell deeper when he introduced me to playing poker with real money online in Pokerstars.. Since then, i've been alternating playing 0.10/0.20 NL and SNG turbos(as i assumed the chances of winning will be higher in the double or nothing format)..However, i realised that's certainly not the case as as of now i'm making a net loss of ard S$150...

So much for my abysmal track record and naivety..that's part of the reason which brings me here, eager to meet up with the poker fraternity here and learn from the pros and hopefully build up my BR...

But the real reason that brings me here is that I was on board MV Longjie, for the first time, with my parents on a junket trip. Coincidentally, you guys were organising a tournament and it's also the first time that i'm that close to live action to a tournament setting.. I went up to an organiser, who i learnt later is Chris, and he passed me a slip of paper with the pokerkaki website.. It was certainly a great experience watching the all the live actions and kudos to the tournament organising committee for what i felt was a great event...

Last but not least, hopefully i can join you guys for the nxt 'Battle on the high seas' and introduce myself in person...

P.S - Anyone has any advice/suggestions if its advisable to play in the turbo tournaments in pokerstars and if yes are there any useful strategies that i may adopt.

Re: Hi! New kaki on board (literally)

PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2009 7:56 pm
by DM101
Welcome to the forum Jackson.
Hope you can join us for the next Longjie tournament.