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Activator Pro Muscle To quickly and effectively increase your back, both in width and in thickness, you need to choose the best exercises for yourself, and today we will tell how to do it. How to choose? There is no best exercise for the back for everyone. It all depends on the structure of your body, on the attachment of the broadest muscles, arm length, and other things. Therefore, if someone talks about the effectiveness of one exercise, in practice it may be zero for you. So how to find the best exercise for yourself? A good exercise stands out as follows • you feel comfortable doing the exercise; • you see progress when it is added to the training program; • you feel well the work of the target muscles, even with a small working weight; • you gradually increase the weight of the burdens with the same correct execution technique. List of the best exercises for the back Pull ups one of the best movements for a back, however as it often happens the devil is covered in trifles. Conditionally consider the exercise as a tool to increase the width of the back, not its thickness. Suitable for beginners and experienced athletes. To determine how much the pull-ups fit your body size, it’s enough to analyze your height. High growth and pull-ups are a good combination for expanding the silhouette. People lower tightening will not give the desired width. The key nuance of the correct technique of execution is the bend of the chest. Everyone is trying to hold out his chin to the crossbar, but it was necessary in the army, not in fitness. Our task is to reduce the shoulder blades and mentally touch the crossbar to the upper chest area. Focus on elbow movement. They should almost touch the body, and move into the plane behind you. The width of the grip does not play a key role. We recommend using a hand arrangement in which the angle between them is approximately equal to 90 degrees. Too wide, the grip will make the exercise uncomfortable, and too narrow - will not allow the back muscles to be reduced by 100%. Tip Bend your knees, and cross them in the calf area.
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