The thing about rebuys tournies

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The thing about rebuys tournies

Postby support » Thu Apr 30, 2009 3:26 pm

Been playing the $8.80+R on pokerstars at 10pm SGT for a while and i've realised something.
Just go all in if u got a good flop... 50% chance some idiot will call u :lol:

The logic behind this is that pple know that rebuying is part of the game and thus willing to risk
lower odds in order to double the chance of winning. So flipping at the start is pretty much the

So if u hit a top pair (with a decent kicker),set,2pair or even straight/flush at the FLOP. Just go all-in, people with 2nd pair,
or less would be calling u 50% of the time (They'll just take a longer time to think).

This doesn't work in normal MTT though..
Of course if u get cracked... then well... just rebuy... :D
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Re: The thing about rebuys tournies

Postby tally-ho » Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:53 pm

the idea in rebuys is that you almost MUST get at least 1 double up before the end of the rebuy period,
if i'm left with starting stack 2 min before rebuy ends, you'll see me literally jamming every hand till i can get that needed double up.

add on aswell always, obv.
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