MTT freeroll

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MTT freeroll

Postby deuce2 » Sun Jan 20, 2008 4:08 am

ok this may sound lame to some of you but i am currently full time on MTT freerolls on UB, FTP and pokerstars. I told myself I have to win one of those before I allow myself to play real money since these are the lousy players right?
but hell i keep getting sucked out by fishes and my tight play is just not working. ace ten suited getting called my king 3 off suit is just so lame pre-flop.
seeing how crap this is should I just move to the real money tables or stick to my 'rule'?
some help guys THANKS
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Re: MTT freeroll

Postby ohboy » Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:54 am

if you swim with the fishes, you need expert advice from the fisherman

Mike beats off fishes with a huge stick practically everyday to cash in the 4.40 tournies.
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Re: MTT freeroll

Postby suitedpairs29 » Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:10 pm

hi deuce,

i have swam with fishes in freerolls and the truth of the matter is that no one is really playing solid fundamental poker here and bad beats here are more frequent, or they might seem that way. It simply not coz players are poor but because they have nothing to lose, so they can gamble it up any way they choose.

I will not completely disuade you from MTT freerolls. Truth be told, i made my first huge cash in a freeroll. I won a $50 freeroll with almost 1500 people and got $15. Then i grinded it on small stakes cash games and won a seat on a monthly $50K freeroll on Poker.COM and got 24th for $400++. I havent looked back ever since, meaning havent redeposited on any poker site since.

Just play solid good poker and play your big hands fast. Avoid trouble hands like QJ, KJ, AJ, AT and KQ early as this will just leave you with the 2nd best hand most of the time. When you dwindle down to the money, players will be better and you can start playing position poker. Players left are now able to fold marginal hands and this is where you can put pressure and accumulate a healthy stack.

If you think this is a little too much for you, may I make a suggestion. Perhaps get a part time job, and whatever you make from it, put it into a poker site and let that be your bankroll. A bankroll of $300 USD should be more than enough for any beginning poker player. Try and play small stakes SnGs and micro stakes cash games and get a feel for online players and online play in general. You wont win instanaeously and you may even have to redeposit again, but once you reach that level where you are beating the games, that feeling cannot be beat.

Hope this helps

best of luck!

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Re: MTT freeroll

Postby ayasak » Tue Jan 22, 2008 12:29 am

hi deuce2,

seeing your post makes me itching to write something. If you're considering building a bankroll from nothing, i suggest you think about it as its kinda time consuming. If you're thinking of depositing after winning a freeroll (FR), i really dont see the point why dont you just deposit now, it might even be better if you could deposit as you can benefit from the deposit bonus which are yummy.

If you still think you wanna take your time and is willing to grind the freerolls, i thought i might provide some inputs as to where to play since i played lots of freerolls too.

Full Tilt -
dont bother playing the daily $100 FR, its a waste of time considering the ridiculous payout,. It pays only 27 out of 2700, which is only 1% of the field. I suggest you play it only if you've really got nothing to do. $15(1st place) for 6hrs of work is just not worth it. Having said that, i did took 2nd place for $12 once ( hahaha...abit of bragging but i donk off all in one day... -___-lll ) What i would be looking out for on FT would be those FR by forums or poker-related websites, the field is smaller and payout is better. Do remember to signup for rakeback on FT.

PokerStars -
The FR system on PS requires you to win a ticket from Round 1 in order for you to even smell the money in Round 2 ( Weekly Sat or Weekly Sunday ), personally i dont really like it, so its personal preference here. If you do play other games, i suggest you play HORSE, Razz or Stud to win the ticket to Rd 2, I tried it myself and i thought its easier this way. You may also wanna look out for the APPT FR which pay $5 for top10.

Bodog -
I highly recommend their daily $1000 and $500 freeroll, the payout is good and a nice first price ( $220 & $120 respectively). I got started by winning one the FR too.

i dont play on UB so no comment there.

Winning FR needs a different sets of skills from winning a regular buy-in tourney. You might need to read up on how to play FR. People playing FR may not be bad players, to most of them, its just a place to let off some steam and to some, FR is a great tilt-reliever ( <--got this word?). Since they din put any $ in, people just dont care if they lose it all. To many freerolls are a waste of time, so you're telling me the $ paid on FR are not $? To each his own.

In the end, whether or not to cont' playing those freerolls will depend on your decision on which path to choose.

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