Inaugural Vietnam Poker Cup at Ho Tram Resort Casino announc

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Inaugural Vietnam Poker Cup at Ho Tram Resort Casino announc

Postby jadesonho » Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:32 pm

Las Vegas, 1 July 2015 – Shaun McCamley, President of Ho Tram Resort Casino and Andrew W Scott, CEO of World Players Entertainment (WPE) – poker operations partner of the Ho Tram Resort Casino – today announced the inaugural Vietnam Poker Cup (VPC) will be held at Ho Tram Resort Casino from 21 to 23 August 2015.

Following on from the tremendous success of APT Vietnam in May, which was the nation’s first ever international poker festival, the VPC is Vietnam’s first truly home grown poker event and demonstrates Ho Tram Resort Casino’s commitment to ensuring poker’s long-term prosperity in Vietnam.

With the VPC set to become an ongoing series run multiple times each year, VPC1 will feature a US$550 buy-in Main Event and a US$1,100 High Roller tournament and other events with buy-ins ranging from US$55 to US$275.

VPC1 represents a unique opportunity for one player to stamp their name in the history books as the very first winner of the Vietnam Poker Cup.

Making this special announcement from the floor of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Mr Scott said, “This is the beginning of something that will last for many years to come. The Vietnam Poker Cup is a historic event with the winner’s name to forever be etched in glory.

“It is also a major milestone for Ho Tram Resort Casino as Vietnam’s first home grown poker event and while it is open to all holders of non-Vietnamese passports we are sure it will become a must-play event for those non-Vietnamese passport holders living in Ho Chi Minh City and elsewhere throughout Vietnam.”

Mr McCamley said, “It is very exciting to be able to host the Vietnam Poker Cup. 2015 has been a tremendous year for poker at Ho Tram with the launch of the Ho Tram Poker Room quickly followed by APT Vietnam which received great feedback from all players in attendance.

“Now with the Vietnam Poker Cup joining our rapidly expanding list of events, it shows we are fully committed to supporting and ensuring the long term success of poker here at Ho Tram Resort Casino.”

The APT Vietnam event held earlier this year was attended by a number of players of Vietnamese heritage, including WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star winner Nam Le and well known Los Angeles-based professional poker player Phong “Turbo” Nguyen, who was born just 30km from Ho Tram Resort Casino near Vung Tau.

Turbo said, “The Asian Poker Tour event in May at Ho Tram was fantastic – I’m looking forward to the first Vietnam Poker Cup and seeing it become a regular fixture on the Ho Tram calendar.”

The inaugural Vietnam Poker Cup will be sponsored by Ho Chi Minh-based poker training and media website CEO Mr Loic Muller said, “We are proud to be a partner of this event. We strongly believe that Vietnam will play an important role in the Asian poker scene in the next few years. Events like the Vietnam Poker Cup organized with international standards are crucial to the growth of the game in the country.”

Ho Tram Resort Casino’s five star hotel, The Grand, is offering a deeply discounted poker player rate of just US$119 per night (US$139 per night with international five star buffet breakfast). Both rates include free WiFi internet access throughout the entire Ho Tram Resort Casino complex.

Bookings can be made by contacting Ho Tram Resort Casino on +84 64 378 8022 or by emailing

About Ho Tram Poker Room

Ho Tram Poker Room opened on 18 April 2015 and offers both cash games and tournament No Limit Texas Hold'em poker. The first ever poker festival held at the Ho Tram Poker Room was the inaugural APT Vietnam which was held from 6 to 13 May 2015.

Ho Tram Resort Casino has a deep commitment to developing poker in Vietnam including a 10-year plan for the Ho Tram Poker Room. The room is set in the luxurious surroundings of the Ho Tram Resort Casino’s main gaming floor which was designed by acclaimed award-winning casino architect Paul Steelman.

The Ho Tram Poker Room player experience is second to none in Asia including no charge for alcoholic beverages for players while at the tables, a poker operations crew of 36 of the friendliest supervisors and dealers to be found and a very high level of English proficiency amongst poker room staff.

About Ho Tram Resort Casino

The Ho Tram Strip is a group of integrated resorts and residential developments located on more than 400 acres of land with two kilometers of pristine beach in Ho Tram, Vietnam. An Investment Certificate listed by the Government of Vietnam has approved the development, which has an investment commitment of US$4 billion of which the already completed phase I has seen an investment of over US$550 million. Work on phase II is underway and future phases will see an additional three five-star resorts added to the 2.2 kilometer seaside strip.

Focusing on providing a personalized blend of excitement and relaxation, the Ho Tram Strip features something for everyone, from lavish entertainment to world-class golfing and exceptional beach recreational facilities. The Strip is located just a two hour scenic and relaxed drive from Ho Chi Minh City.

The first phase of its development – Ho Tram Resort Casino – opened its doors in July 2013 and includes The Grand, a 541 room five-star hotel. The resort also has a world-class entertainment facility, nine food and beverage venues, high-tech meeting spaces including a 1,500 person capacity ballroom, an exclusive VIP area and a variety of beach-front recreation activities. Its adjacent award-winning golf course – The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip – was designed by Greg Norman and opened in 2014. Future developments at Ho Tram will include an addition to Ho Tram Resort Casino with a mixture of vacation homes comprised of condominiums and residential villa developments, a second integrated resort which will include gaming amenities and three additional five star resorts.

About World Players Entertainment

World Players Entertainment (WPE) is the gaming operations division of World Gaming Group (WGG). In February 2015 WPE was appointed poker operations partner of Ho Tram Resort Casino and is responsible for the day to day running of the Ho Tram Poker Room including cash games and tournaments.

WGG is a Hong Kong-based private equity firm founded in 2009 and operating in the Asian gaming space with assets in gaming media, consultancy and operations. Wholly owned subsidiaries include World Media Network, World Gaming Consultants and World Players Entertainment.

World Media Network Limited operates wholly-owned Macau-based subsidiaries World Gaming Magazine Limited and Must Read Publications Limited. World Gaming Magazine Limited publishes Asia’s premier B2C gaming magazine WGM, which was founded in 2009 and is Macau’s most widely distributed magazine, with an editorial focus on casino and non-casino gaming, sports betting, poker and gaming lifestyle and leisure. WGM has extensive distribution in Macau casinos, hotels, tourism entry points, restaurants and entertainment venues. World Gaming Magazine Limited also operates an electronic gaming publication, WGM Daily. Must Read Publications Limited publishes Asia’s premier B2B magazine IAG (Inside Asian Gaming), which was founded in 2005 and has a business editorial focus on the Asian gaming industry. It is widely distributed to gaming industry executives throughout Asia.

World Gaming Consultants is a gaming-focused agency providing gaming-related analysis and casino and poker operations consulting as well as gaming marketing, translation, graphic design, event planning, custom publishing, website design and cross-cultural training services.

拉斯維加斯,2015年7月1日 - 濠莊總裁Shaun McCamley和環球玩家娛樂(WPE)首席執行官卓弈今日宣佈,首屆“越南杯撲克錦標賽”(VPC)將 於2015年8月21日至23日在濠莊渡假村舉行。WPE是濠莊的撲克營運夥伴。

今年五月越南有史以來的首場國際撲克嘉年華 - APT越南站取得巨大成功,而VPC是越南首場真正的本土撲克錦標賽,它的舉行顯示了濠莊渡假村確保 撲克在 越南長期繁榮的決心。

VPC將成為於每年舉行多場的持續賽事。VPC1包括550美元的主賽、1,100美元的豪客賽,以 及參賽 金額在55美元和275美元之間的其他比賽。


卓弈先生在拉斯維加斯世界撲克錦標賽(WSOP)的賽場做出這項意義特殊的宣佈,他說,“這僅 僅是一個開端 ,越南杯撲克錦標賽具有歷史意義,勝出者將永久戴上耀眼的光環。

“作為越南的首場本土撲克錦標賽,它對濠莊來說亦是一個重大里程碑。比賽向所有非越南籍人士開放 ,我們確信 它將成為那些居住在胡志明市以及越南其他地區的非越南籍玩家不可錯過的賽事。”

McCamley先生稱,“能夠舉辦越南杯撲克錦標賽,我們非常興奮。2015年對於濠莊撲克來說意義重大 。濠莊撲克室開業後,很快就舉行了受到玩家一致好評的APT越南站賽事。

“如今在我們迅速拓展的賽事日程中,又加入了越南杯撲克錦標賽。這表明我們對於支持和確保濠莊撲 克長期成功 的投入。”

今年較早前舉行的APT越南站賽事吸引了幾位有越南血統的玩家,包括WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star前冠軍Nam Le以及居住在洛杉磯的知名職業撲克玩家Phone Nguyen(綽號Turbo)。Turbo出生在頭頓附近距離濠莊僅30公里的地方。

他說,“五月在濠莊舉行的亞洲撲克巡迴賽非常棒 - 我期待著首屆越南杯撲克錦標賽的舉行,並希望它成為濠莊的固定賽程。”

Phong Nguyen(Turbo)和WPE首席執行官卓弈今天在拉斯維加斯WSOP現場談笑風生

首屆VPC將由以胡志明市為基地的撲克培訓和傳媒網站SoMuchPoker.com贊助。首 席執行官Lo ic Muller先生說,“我們非常驕傲成為這項賽事的合作夥伴。我們堅信,越南將於接下來幾年在亞洲撲克版圖 扮演重要角色。像越南杯撲克錦標賽這樣按照國際標準舉行的賽事,對於撲克在越南的發展至關重要 。”

濠莊的五星級酒店The Grand提供了玩家特惠客房價格,每晚只需119美元(139美元含國際五星級自助早餐)。兩個價格均 包 含整個濠莊渡假村的免費WiFi。

敬請通過電話+84 64 378 8022或者電郵reservations@thegrandhotram.com聯絡濠莊預訂。


濠莊撲克室於2015年4月18日開業,提供現金桌和錦標賽無限注德州撲克。2015年5月6 日至13日的 首屆APT越南站是在濠莊撲克室舉辦的首場撲克嘉年華。

濠莊渡假村致力於越南撲克業的發展,包括對濠莊撲克室做了十年規劃。撲克室位於濠莊奢華的博彩 中場(由廣受 好評的娛樂場建築師Paul Steelman設計)。

濠莊撲克室的玩家體驗在亞洲首屈一指,為牌桌上的玩家提供免費酒精飲品,並配備了一支36人的 撲克運作團隊 ,擁有亞洲娛樂場所能見到的最友好的管理人和發牌員,工作人員均有高水平的英文交流能力。


河川海灣渡假區沿著越南河川綿延兩公里尚未被踏足的海灘,佔地逾四百英畝,規劃了數家綜合渡假 村和住宅開發 項目。越南政府頒發投資證書,許可了這一開發,投資金額高達四十億美元。已完工的第一期工程斥 資逾五億五千 萬美元。第二期工程正在進行中,未來這條2.2公里的海岸線將再添三家五星級渡假村。

河川海灣渡假區致力於打造一種結合興奮與休閒的個性化體驗,令每位賓客都其樂融融,從奢華娛樂 ,到世界級高 爾夫,再到一流的沙灘娛樂設施。渡假區距離胡志明市僅兩小時車程,沿途風景秀麗。

首期工程「濠莊」於2013年7月開業,包括一家擁有541間客房的五星級酒店The Grand。渡假村設有世界級娛樂設施、九個餐飲選擇、高科技會展空間(包括可容納1,500人的大宴會 廳 )、一個專屬貴賓區,以及一系列海濱娛樂活動。與其相接、廣受贊譽的高爾夫球場The Bluffs由Greg Norman設計,於2014年開業。河川未來的開發項目將包含對濠莊的擴充(公寓、別墅等渡假屋)、第二 家綜合渡假村(含博彩設施)以及三家額外的五星級渡假村。


環球玩家娛樂(WPE)是環球博彩集團(WGG)的博彩經營分支。2015年2月,WPE被指 定為濠莊的撲 克營運夥伴,負責濠莊撲克室的日常運作,包括現金桌和全年各項錦標賽。

WGG於2009年創立,是一間以香港為基地的私人股權公司,在亞洲博彩業中運作,涉及博彩傳媒、顧 問和經 營。全資子公司包括環球傳媒網絡、環球博彩顧問和環球玩家娛樂。

環球傳媒網絡有限公司經營以澳門為基地的子公司環球博彩雜誌有限公司和Must Read Publications Limited。環球博彩雜誌有限公司出版亞洲首推的B2C博彩消費者雜誌WGM,於2009年創刊,是澳 門發行最廣的雜誌,內容涵蓋娛樂場和非娛樂場博彩、體育投注、撲克,以及博彩風尚與休閒。WG M的發行範圍 廣泛,包括澳門娛樂場、酒店、景點入口、餐廳和娛樂場所。環球博彩雜誌有限公司同時製作電子版 「WGM每日 資訊」。Must Read Publications Limited出版亞洲首要的B2B博彩雜誌《Inside Asian Gaming》(IAG),於2005年創刊,內容聚焦亞洲博彩業,在整個亞洲的博彩業管理層內廣泛發行。

環球博彩顧問以博彩為焦點,提供與博彩相關的分析、娛樂場和撲克運作咨詢服務,以及博彩營銷、 翻譯、平面設 計、活動策劃、定制出版、網站設計和跨文化培訓服務。
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Re: Inaugural Vietnam Poker Cup at Ho Tram Resort Casino ann

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