Ask The Farmer: Micro/Low Stakes Hand Analaysis

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Ask The Farmer: Micro/Low Stakes Hand Analaysis

Postby felixleong » Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:50 pm

Got a difficult hand? No idea if you played it right? Or maybe you just wanna have a view of how someone else would play the exact situation?
Fear not, here comes Felix the Farmer ^_^

Feel free to post any of your hand history here for me to analyze and share my thoughts with you ~

What would be required?

1) Information on your opponent in hand - Tight?Loose?Aggressive?Passive?Maniac?Calling Station?Weak?Opposite Thinking?Tricky? Basically the more information the better
2) Your current table image - have you been playing right or loose, solid or fishy
3) Any other addition stuff like the people on the tabling steaming or having a bad day with girlfriend and now wanting to dump all the chips to you etc
4) The hand history, best if its formatted, I'm fine if its not but as long as its clear
5) Your thoughts on the hand
6) Open a new post/topic in my Felix's Corner, dump that in and I'll give you my reply as I check this forum daily

Please Note
My advise would be towards how I would had played out that particular hand myself base on all the information given. What we are striving to do is to make plays that give us the best possible expectations.
There are no absolute right or wrong ways to play a hand, my thoughts will not mean that it would be the best play but would serve as a helping hand as to how a regular farmer like me will play it out, while also searching for the differences in our ideas and the factors/considerations we have missed out when trying to make good poker decisions.

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