Why play 6-max cash games.

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Why play 6-max cash games.

Postby vaevictis » Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:59 am

For aspiring cash games players seeking to improve their game, 6-max cash games are the way to go!

Speaking from experience, I was grinding 50nl fullring before the switch to 6max. The default profitable playing style is just to play super tight and aggresive ABC poker. In pokertracker stats term, it can be something like 14% VPIP (voluntarily put $ in pot) and 8% raises. In layman terms, it simply means play your top premium cards + set mining and is outright boring. I switched to 6 max after watching a few cardrunners videos and was crushed so badly in my first few thousand hands. However upon more studying and reviewing, 6-max games became my bread and butter now.

So why 6 max?
1) you gotta play more hands because blinds come around faster.
2) you improve more because you play more hands
3) there are more heads-up situations in 6-max, which is one of the easiest to analyse and play.
4) your post-flop skills improves alot because you are seeing more flops now
5) you make more decisions per unit time
6) you learn and make use of concepts like blind stealing, value betting, value raising, aggression, turn play and river play because you are in such situations very frequently.
7) you learn the great value of position
8) at higher stakes, fullring games dry out.
9) fishes love 6 max becus of the constant action
10) and more that I cant think of now.

Fullring NL play is a very good training ground for new players because it teaches them to play a very tight, very tight and aggresive style in order to be profitable. However many new players are generally loose players, playing way too many hands in fullring, which is not the way to go to be profitable. Fullring also emphasizes multi-way pots play, which occurs frequently more than 6-max. However a fullring game is essentially the same as 6 max when the first 3 or 4 players fold.

In conclusion, if you seek to improve your poker, try out 6 max games. If you are a beginner and want to learn to play profitably, stick to fullring games. The best thing is to be good in both so you can sit in juicy games.
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Re: Why play 6-max cash games.

Postby DM101 » Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:03 pm

Hey Leslie it's good to see that you bad beats are over. But sad to say that I'm experiencing bad beats at the moment. Due to my eyes infection, I can't focus well lately thus lost many tourneys.

I have been playing low stakes ring games since I started playing online poker till now. I rarely join in 6-max cash games. The only reason is because the blinds orbit for ring games takes a longer time to reach me and I get to see more hole cards with super tight play. It's been profitable for me so far.

But I know in the long run 6-max is still the NUTS as we hardly find any ring games at high stakes.
I've tried out some 6-max lately. Win some lose some there. You have motivated me to play more 6-max cash games and I hope I can master the 6-max cash games ASAP. Need to earn some cash for my tourneys registration. :P

Thanks for the guidelines once again.
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