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When you see such word, the first thing that comes in mind is the vision of a belly with a word, DON'T FEED. Calorie restriction obviously means cutting down of calories within 800-1,200 daily. In short, you are allowing your body to go on a starvation mode. This diet has promised a weight loss as a result, but what effects can this cause you? Rapid Trim 24/7 Apart from crash dieting, rigid exercise are also done with people who are so eager to lose weight without knowing that a rigid form of exercise is not healthy at all. Although combination of exercises are good such as cardio session + strength exercises + resistance trainings, they are only applicable to people who want to lose weight fast and the rate, intensity and duration are increased forcefully. Normally, the exercises are done 3-5 days weekly, but for a FAST weight loss, it is done one week straight without rest.As being said, it is not healthy anymore especially if you are just a beginner and you do it so strictly combining with crash diet, aside from the bad effects you get from crash dieting, rigid exercise can give you muscle trauma, tension and injury.
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