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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:08 am
by pokerstakingsng
Our team intend to stake players for SNG and CASH games who are winning,breakeven or slight losing.Also players must be able for multitabling(4+ tables),have free time for grinding(30k+minimum hands per month or 1k games (sng)/month) and know at least the basics of HEM or PT.

What we offer:
1)Coaching Hand History reviews in regular basis
2)Live sweet sessions
3)Coaching groups on skype for hand history discussion and poker stuff.
4)24/7 support
5)Tracking software for players who don’t have

If you are interested please send an email at with the following info:
2)Screen names for all sites you play
3)Screenshots of HEM/PT results and graph
4)Expected hours per month
5)Poker history(your poker journey)
6)How many tables can you comfortably play
7)Reason for wanting stake

Starting limit : SNG: 1-20$ Cash Game nl2-50$
Players who don’t have sample and graphs maybe will start in lower stakes as a test.
ill start in lower stakes as a test.