[HELP] The complete guide to playing online poker

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[HELP] The complete guide to playing online poker

Postby support » Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:23 pm

Playing online poker can be a harrowing experience for new players. Pokerkaki community has various threads on how to get started. This guide combines the collective knowledge of the community to bring you the complete guide to playing online poker.

1) How to get money into poker sites?

Having trouble depositing? Check out the various threads in the forum, now compiled here : viewforum.php?f=117

As an alternative, buy and sell online credits (ONLY trades with kakis you trust!) in our Pokerkaki Marketplace

2) What are First Deposit, Sign-up bonuses, rakeback, reward programs and freerolls?

First Deposit - First deposit is the initial deposit made after signing up with a site. Almost all sites will offer a bonus amount pegged to the size of your first deposit. Pokerkaki generally recommends a bigger deposit to be made to take advantage of the payouts. There are a few sites that allow multiple deposits to be made such as Pokerstars (1st 3 deposits)

Sign up Bonuses - Bonuses are offered by poker sites to reward users to sign up with them. There are generally 2 type of bonuses, non-instant and instant. These bonuses are calculated from the FIRST DEPOSIT you make on the site.

Instant Sign up bonuses are given when you deposit on the site. Depending on the sites they may range from a % of deposit amount or a fixed amount. Sometimes however, sites will offer instant bonuses during special promotion. Currently 2 sites offer this instant bonus on pokerkaki 888.com (25% of FIRST DEPOSIT) and Titan Poker ($20 or $50 depending on deposit).

Non-Instant (default) sign up bonuses are typical of all sites. They are reward based. The site rewards user for playing on the site and the bonus is given after completing the reward criteria. The reward release criteria is usually based on the accumulation of hands or player points. Typically the bonus amount is 100% of the FIRST DEPOSIT. Pokerkaki has negotiated with following sites offer sign-up bonuses above industry average: Cake Poker (110%) , PKR (120%) , Titan Poker (150%) , DiamondBet (200%)

Rakeback - Rake is how poker sites make their money. Sites collect a small percentage of flopped pots, with different sites collecting slightly different amounts. Normally they do not offer directly to players. For example http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/ has no mention of mention of rakeback on their site. However pokerkaki members get arakeback deal for 27% using our promo codes. Rakeback is offered on top of existing bonuses and offers and lasts forever, and as a result is extremely important to players. Only 1 of the top 3 sites offers rakeback (Fulltilt). Rakeback amount varies with different site and conditions. Average rakeback range is from 27%~33% for regular players and up to 45% for VIP (high stake) players. Some sites have minimum "clock" rake (we have stated the minimum amount if there's one) before they start paying out rakeback. Rakeback is usually paid weekly unless stated.

More detailed explanation of rakeback in : viewtopic.php?f=98&t=1815

Freeroll - Freerolls are tournaments that are Free. All you need to do is to register an account with the site to start playing in them. Pokerstars has freerolls running almost every day and requires NO DEPOSIT to start. Sometimes sites runs freerolls to encourage users to sign up and play. A good way is to keep tabs on these is to sign up for the pokerkaki newsletter on the main page of http://www.pokerkaki.com to get news on freerolls and other promotions.

3) Which sites to start? Which are safe? What does pokerkaki recommend?

Generally, it is a good idea to create accounts at most of the sites (it's free) to get a feel of the playing environment and software. Try the play money tables, check out the game traffic etc. Whichever site you choose to play on is largely a matter of personal preference. Most serious players play on multiple sites. All the sites we work with must satisfy certain criteria:

1) They have been in business for more than 12 months.
2) They are regulated by an independent gaming authority.
3) They have a secure, fast, and reliable process for deposits and withdrawals.

At present, the sites with the most traffic are:
1) Pokerstars (100% signup bonus up to $600) + BEST reward program in the world + Tons of freeroll
2) FullTilt (100% signup bonus up to $600) + Pokerkaki 27% Rakeback
3) Titan Poker (Pokerkaki players get : 150% deposit bonus + $20~$50 instant bonus) *GOOD FOR STARTING UP*

4) Cash games or Tournaments? What's the difference?

Cash games played with fixed blind sizes. You can buy-in any time (when a seat is available) and leave any time.
Tournament have blinds that increase at fixed intervals, depending on tournament structure. It is usually considered the more exciting format.
Online sites have been the fore-front of inventing different types of tournaments. All tournaments have the same principle, put in X amount of money, play until one (or more) winners left and pay out cash or prizes according to placing.

5) Types of online tournaments.

GUARANTEED Tournament A certain amount is placed as a minimum sum for all participants to play in case the amount does not reach the guarantee, the website will top up the rest. Many special tournaments are guranteed like Pokerstar's Sunday Million

In many of our cash tournaments, the prize pool is guaranteed to reach a specific amount. Regular guarantees range from $1,000 to $1,500,000 or more!

Sit and Go (SnG) - Unplanned Single table tournament (6 or 9 players to start). the game starts whenever the seats are filled (very quickly).

Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT) - A non-planned tournament that starts when X amount of players is filled. MTT can consist of 18 to 360 players, most popular are the 180 MTTs.

Heads- Up - One on One, winner takes all.

Satellite - Tournaments leading to another tournament, where the prize is entry to a bigger tournament.

Freeroll - Free tournaments

Turbo (2x Turbo, Hyper Turbo) These tournaments have blind levels that increase faster .

Rebuy - These are tournaments where you have the option of re-purchasing chips, with the amount of rebuys permitted and rebuy duration preset by the tournament.

Double or Nothing - ‘Double or Nothing’ is a special Sit & Go tournament where half the field wins double the buy-in amount.
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