APPT Macau Season 2 - Final Results

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APPT Macau Season 2 - Final Results

Postby DM101 » Thu Sep 11, 2008 3:21 pm

Hight Rollers Event

Nam Le crowned the High Rollers Event for HKD$3,700,000 (approx. USD$474,358) at largest poker festival ever in Asia.


The final standings and monies earned in Hong Kong/US dollars approx. are as follows:

1. Nam Le, USA (HKD$3,700,000 / approx. USD$474,358)
2. Andrew Scott, Australia (HKD$2,100,000 / approx. USD$269,230)
3. Quinn Do, USA (HKD$1,200,000 / approx. USD$153,846)
4. Charles Chua, Malaysia (HKD$900,000 / approx. USD$115,384)
5. David Steicke (HKD$700,000 / approx. USD$89,743)
6. Will Ma, Canada (HKD$500,000 / approx. USD$64,102)
7. Johnny Chan, USA (HKD$400,000 / approx. USD$51,282)
8. Zhong Wei “Ivan” Tan (HKD$300,000 / approx. USD$38,461)
9. Van sirens Marcus, Australia (HKD$200,000 / approx. USD$25,641)

Main Event

The 22-year old American, Eddie Sabat cashed at HKD$3,540,040 (approx. USD$453,851) from a prize pool of HKD$12,643,000 (approx. USD$1.62 million) and a field of 538.


1. Edward Sabat, USA HKD$3,540,040 PS Qualifier
2. Charles Chua, Malaysia HKD$2,275,740
3. Diwei Huang, Singapore HKD$1,201,080
4. Mikael Rosen, Sweden HKD$847,080
5. Jeppe Drivsholm, Denmark HKD$632,150
6. Kuok Wai Will Cheong, Macau HKD$442,500
7. Tian Chen, USA HKD$328,720
8. Javed Abrahams, UK HKD$240,220
9. So Myung Sim, South Korea HKD$177,000
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