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Re: Train to become an expert Heads up player

Postby AsiaPokerAcademy » Thu Oct 23, 2008 4:39 pm

Learning Heads-up will also give players a great insight into many other aspects of non-heads-up play. it's a great tool to have
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Re: Train to become an expert Heads up player

Postby acemuzhold! » Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:55 pm

ok, im kinda rebutting what this post is about.. I think you only need to really train heads up play if you want to play the toughest poker variation, cash game heads up (which i feel is the hardest!). HOWEVER, i think training short handed play is much more important than heads up for most people.

The reason being that, in a headsup match, basically its whether u hit, or ur opponent hit, or both hit and go all in(that's when u get a winner), training this will only help u be more bold in making plays. In actual fact, alot of times there's more luck than skill during headsup anyway. Im not saying its not important, u should play a couple of them, but to focus alot on it is not necessary.

What we must really focus on however, is short handed play. Alot of sites nowadays offer 6 handed tournaments. Alot of players neglect short handed plays, which in my opinion is very important. Most people have trouble playing short handed when the tournament is deep already, because they seem to always continue the strategy that they have been playing all this while til late in the tournament (tight aggro). What most don't realise, is that while its a good strategy, in later part of the tournament, this play will most likely not get u anywhere (unless cards hit u madly! but if that's the case there's no need for strategies!), simply because, the blinds come so fast, by time u wake up with a hand, ur already severely short stacked that even if u double up, ur back to square one whereas the blinds will keep going up.

Hence, if ur the survival mode player, figure out how many hands u need to win in the next 4 rounds of play to even out ur blinds and ensure ur stack is still healthy, then select the hand range that u want to play (i normally go with 78 suited onwards), and juz be aggressive in those hands! some of the pros even go as far as any suited cards (yes, they even aggro with 72 suited!), but for a start maybe not!

If ur the type that wants to accumulate alot of chips to feel safe, then be extremely loose aggro (smart loose aggro please, not crazy aggro! dun learn from Gus!). U may feel Jerry Yang is a dumb ass player, but look at where his loose aggro style got him to? champion rite? Jamie Gold may be the most bullshit player ever, but, he is still a champion! as far as i know, the oni ppl that are tight aggro and won WSOP are Joe Hachem and Dan Harrington, the rest of the champions all are extremely loose aggro! even chris moneymaker and carlos mortensen!

Either way u go, ul most probablt be able to kill off tight aggro players coz both ways they will not be able to penetrate ur stack a great deal!

Also, another reason for me saying that training for short handed play is more important is that, you HAVE to get through short handed play FIRST, to get to heads up! so, master A first before B and C? if u are able to get to heads up, u should be good enough for it already anyway!

Just a thought, everyone has their own opinions. all the best at the table!
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