I Dont know what to call this!

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I Dont know what to call this!

Postby acemuzhold! » Wed Dec 03, 2008 4:21 pm

I once played a tournament in casino and the following 3 hands happened consecutively, with almost the same ppl! lets call them, A,B,C. A has about 80,000, B about 50,000. C has about 100,000. D is the chip leader at 300,000 (only comes in at hand 3).

Hand 1
Blinds at 1000/2000
Table folded to A on the Button. A raises to 4000. B raise to 8000. C and A both call.
Flop : [As] [2s] [3s]
B checks. C bets 10000. A calls, B calls.
Turn : [Ac]
B bets 20,000. C raises all-in. A calls. B folds (accidentally flips over [Kd] [Ks] )
River : [Ah]
C shows [Ad] [Kd] . A slow rolls, wait for 2 minutes, then says 'oh i think i have the nuts here, shows [4s] [5s] . =.="

Hand 2
Blinds still at 1000/2000
Again, table folds to A. A raises again to 4000. B on the button calls. C pushes for about 10,000. Both A and B calls.
Flop : [Th] [Jh] [Qh]
Both A and B check.
Turn : [2s]
A bets 20,000. B raises to 40,000.A pushes all in. B instant calls.
River : [6d]
C shows [Ah] [Kh] for Royal Flush! B shows [9h] [Th] for straight flush. A sadly opens and shows [Qc] [Qd] .

Hand 3
Blinds up to 1500/3000
2 limpers. A pushes for his remaining chips. B instant calls, C instant calls as well. D, getting fed up and being the chip leader, says, Im getting bored of all of u, Im gonna call and see wat happens!
Flop : [Ah] [Kh] [Ks]
Turn : [As]
River : [Qh]

A shows [Kc] [Kd] for quad Kings . B shows [Ac] [Ad] for quad Aces (thinking he has the nuts!) . C shows [Qs] [Qc] (he thought he won when his Q came out!) . D, sheepishly says, 'see I told u its gonna work (to the guy on the left!)'. He shows [Th] [Jh] for Royal Flush! By that time, the whole table was standing up and the whole world came around to see this unbelievable thing happening!

3 consecutive hands, how is that possible, BLAME THE DEALER!!!
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Re: I Dont know what to call this!

Postby felixleong » Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:01 pm

the deck must be stacked, LOL
nice stuff there actually
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