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New YEar, New donkaments

Postby ManilaBoy » Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:41 am

New Year, New Tournaments

I was looking at Pokerstars and they have this new 90 MTT with 12 places getting paid, this is sweet, they have a 3.25 buy in(Turbo ) with 1500 chips then a $5.50 buyin (non-Turbo) with 2000 starting chips. I like this type of MTT's, 180 MTT and up are too long and too much for me. Fult tilt's version is the 90 KO sit n go, they also have a $5.50 90 MTT with 18 places getting paid but it takes more than an hour to fill up.

I timed 3 MTT's at Pokerstars from zero to full, I did it this morning 8am Pacific time, first was 45 MTT $6.50 and it took 2 minutes and 21 seconds to fill up, while it took 6 min 2 sec for the 90 MTT $5.50. Then I went to Fulltilt and timed the 90 KO MTT on both 3.30 and 10+1 KO MTT, the $3.30 took 6 min & 35 sec while the 10+1 took 11 minutes to fill up. Well there's nothing surprising about this data, there are more traffic on Pokerstars than fulltilt, but for me who have less than 2 hrs of poker play everyday, it does not make sense to go on Fulltilt at all.

By the way, my friend Chuck Norris just called me and asked if I have authorization to use the word "KO" on my blog and I said no but he's in a good mood so he's letting me use this word "KO", apparently Fulltilt is paying Chuck Norris for using the word KO on their site, KO and other words like dead, killed, roundhouse kick, action and spanked are all trademark by my friend Chuck Norris, so dont just use these words without his permission, just a friendly reminder.
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