Semi Bluff

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Semi Bluff

Postby suitedpairs29 » Thu Jul 26, 2007 1:59 pm

Semi Bluff

The semi bluff is bluffing with a straight or flush draw. Its representing a big hand with the intention of taking the pot down without hitting your draw. Semi bluffing allows a player to win two ways: By making your opponent fold or hitting your draw on later streets and taking down a bigger pot.

It would play out like this: You have 7s 6s in early position and you see a flop 3 handed. The board shows 5d Kc 8h and you flop an open-ended straight draw and can make the best hand by hittin any of your 8 outs (4 4's and 4 9's). You can check and hope to get a free card to hit your draw. Most of the time, any solid player in late position will bluff or bet any pair. Check-calling any bets is very indicative of a draw and a good player will bet bigger and bigger to price you out drawing, whether or not they have a hand. This limits your chances of winning the hand to one way, only by making your straight. By betting out on the flop, you represent the King and unless the other players have a bigger hand, you should take down the pot right there. And even if you get called, you can still hit your straight on turn or river and make the best hand. This play usually confuses people, as they will never know for sure whether or not you have a real hand or drawing to the nuts.

An advanced play for semi-bluffing is check-raising the flop. Check raising usually indicates a very strong hand and unless they have a big hand, once again, they have to lay their hand down and you win a decent sized pot. I say this is an advanced play because donkeys will call your check raise even with bottom pair because they have no idea what you are trying to do. Against a solid player, they might reraise you and price you out of the draw. SO remember, like with everything else in holdem, analyze the situation well. Take your table image into consideration. If you have a tight aggressive image, the check raise semi bluff will look most of the time. With a loose aggressive image, you are more likely to be reraised or called.

If you have any questions, feel free to post and I will try my best to answer them.

GL at the tables!
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Re: Semi Bluff

Postby DM101 » Fri Jul 27, 2007 8:08 pm

Before I start I'll like to congratulate u for crowning 2 x 1st place for the 180 people tourney. Profit of USD$216 x 2 woooohoooo way to go was an awesome play.
Job well done Mike. Weeeeee :D

Okie back to the topic. I hv tried check raising at micro stake games and Sit & Gos. This trick rarely work out well for me.
The people will just call us to seek for honesty.

The advanced play probably we can use it on medium or high stakes instead. I've not play any high stakes so far, so I didn't see people using this tactic.

I'll tell you how is it like when I play high stakes in future. Meanwhile, let me build up my bankroll then. haha
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Re: Semi Bluff

Postby felixleong » Wed Nov 21, 2007 2:39 pm

ya , semi bluff in small stakes and micro stakes not too useful
since most opponent are quite loose and doesnt fold easily
the fold equity of the semi-bluff is quite low

when i semi-bluff i am hoping more towards my opponent folding immediately hehe

a good defence in position against an out of position opponent's semi bluff is to RAISE hehe
but u need have seen your opponent pull off semi bluffs b4 and have a good read on him.
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