Poker at Crown Casino, Melbourne

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Poker at Crown Casino, Melbourne

Postby mudspot » Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:38 pm

Hi Folks,

what limits are played there?

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Re: Poker at Crown Casino, Melbourne

Postby felixleong » Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:07 pm

live games are always fishy wahahahaha
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Re: Poker at Crown Casino, Melbourne

Postby 8ivan8 » Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:35 am

Hi guys,

anyways fyi in crown. There is a lower limit of 2/3 and also 2/5 and 5/10 games. other bigger games are only during major events.

What stakes u looking to play? N when u going?
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Re: Poker at Crown Casino, Melbourne

Postby mudspot » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:27 pm

I'm in Melbourne now. Will be here quite a while. So my timing is flexible

Never played Poker at a Casino before. So thought I'd give it a go while I'm here. :)

Perhaps 2/3 or 2/5. 5/10 if LHE maybe. :)
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Re: Poker at Crown Casino, Melbourne

Postby Lynn » Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:30 pm

is it crowded? the casino? heard its hard to get a seat
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Re: Poker at Crown Casino, Melbourne

Postby meltan87 » Thu Aug 20, 2009 5:39 pm

I realized no1 has bothered to outline the Crown Casino Poker tables settings yet. Here goes, from my experience in june-july '09:

Weekdays mon-thurs $1/2 onwards
Weekends, Fri-Sun $2/3 onwards

Basically when you enter the "Las Vegas room located at b2 or b3 (cant remember), there are two forms of poker going on. Electronic tables using "cashcard like" deposits and the live tables with all walks of life there.

Personally, i only play on the live tables so my description will only be on that.

1. To enter, of course you will need your identification for age purposes
2. Upon entering, proceed to the counter beside the tables to obtain a queue number for your the respective table/stakes you wish.
3. When your queue (if any) reaches, an automatic sms will be sent and your name on the screen will be flashing. Proceed to collect your table no.
4. Upon reaching the table, you will have to wait for the current hand to play finish before doing anything. If out of position, might have to wait out 1-3 hands.
5. Buy-ins are limited but one can constantly chip-up when wanted. (for $1/2 tables, buy-ins are $40-$80)
Do note: Money cannot be passed from hand - to - hand. all Transactions must be placed on a medium (the table) and the dealer will proceed accordingly
6. Proceed to play
7. If you wish to excuse yourself for a while (toilet, quick bites etc..), you can just ask the dealer to lock your sit and you can leave your chips on the table as well.
8. Upon returning, if you have missed blinds, pay for it and you may resume.
9. To Cash-out, just notify the table and leave with your chips. Naturally, proceed to the designated counter to cash-out.

Cheers and enjoy your time there. I definitely did (with profits too!)
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Re: Poker at Crown Casino, Melbourne

Postby DM101 » Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:19 pm

Thank you for the update meltan87.
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Re: Poker at Crown Casino, Melbourne

Postby w00ty » Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:02 am

i went to the crown too during late june to early july while visiting a friend who studies here. boy was it a great experience haha. i went for 2 days in total.


went to scout and survey the area. the main casino area does not have poker. theres this game called casino poker tho where u play against a dealer. quite weird game that i did not rly understand haha but just as well because i told myself my only purpose there was to play poker and not fish my money away in other games (i keep reading about poker players who end up without winnings after games of blackjack and craps haha).

at first i thought there was no poker, and i was very dejected. but when i walked out thru another exit i saw "CROWN POKER ROOM" that pointed down the escalators, and i was like omgwtf and went down. 2 levels down to get to the poker area. as a spectator (i didn't bring much money that day) i could only look at the 1/2 games n the poker games that were played electronically. true enough the live games were pretty fishy. i remember a game where 22 won a >$70 pot with 5 overcards on board. weird. but of course i was excited haha


played a $75 SNG. i only remember a few hands. i only played a few hands tbh haha. i got my table and seat number, and proceeded to the table. i didn' know whwere to pay my entry fee, and i was hoping i could make it a freeroll lol and then the dealer burst my bubble and told me to pay him $75. I gave him a $100, and i didn't get change. I was stunned for a while. And then i saw he had sneakily stealthily placed a $25 chip in front of me. haha it was weird to be given a chip as change. interesting!

1. 10/20, hand [7c] [7s] , CO
2 callers, and i raised to 100 (i now think that this is bad play, but nvm haha)
BB called, and to my amazement the previous 2 callers called too!
flop was terribad for me. AJx. BB checked, 1st caller bet all-in -.- and of course i folded ;p

2. 50/100, hand [Kh] [Kd] , mid pos
by now my chips had dwindled to below $1200. nothing came until i saw these 2 kings mwahhahaha i was prepared to bust out of the tourney so i pinned all my hopes on these 2.
1 bettor on UTG+1 before me, and i shoved. all folded, and the bettor called me. he flipped open ATo :)
but of course the battle was not over tho i was a big statistical winner.
that guy was chanting "ace, ace, ace" and i wanted to tell him to stop it cos it was actually making me pretty scared lol. my heart missed a beat as the dealer deal the flop
3 blanks.
then the turn.
then the river.
blank! :D
doubled up! neat :) that guy was the chip leader but now it was this other asian dude, with me being 2nd or 3rd (i suck at reading stacks of chips haha) yeah man 2 asians ftw

for the rest of the ppl, a lot of them overvalued their hands and busted out. coincidentally the last 4 were the asian guy, ATo dude, some guy in his 20s (looks like a student. i shall call him student then!), and me. By then the blinds were like 100/200 and it was sucking us dry. i tried stealing a few times but the student kept going all-in if i called or raised, and i had to fold. soon we knew 4th place was either the student or me.

3. 100/200, [7h] [7c] (AGAIN!), SB.
ATo man folded, and asian dude raises. i decided, well i couldn last much longer anyway, so just heck it, all-in!
surprisingly after i went all in, student CALLED! omg! -EV definitely?
anyway, a godlike flop came for me
[7s] [Th] [Ad]
hit my set :)
student went all-in, and the asianguy called! omg!
so they both flipped open.
student had [As] [Jh]
asian guy had.... [Td] [7d] for two pair!
no help on the turn and river, and i tripled up ^^

soon the ATo guy went all-in before i busted out, and the asian guy won him. forgot the hand already. all i knew was tht i was damn happy cos there was a chance that i could cruise to 2nd! :D and so i did haha.

well i had one lucky hand where i got K6 in BB and checked.
flop was 66K lol i managed to go all-in and he called with a K in his hand, and my hand was good after it.
and so we were about even in chips after that.

4. 400/800, [3d] [3c] , BB
he had been going all in every single time before this hand and i had shit so i folded.
and this time i called and i saw the change in his face lol
i also had the lol expression on my face when the dealer told him to flip his cards
[9h] [7s]
i remember this whole hand.
flop: [2s] [2h] [5h]
turn: [2d]
by this time i was wondering in my mind what the payout for 1st was like. i had never intended to cash, seriously, so i didnt bother checking the payouts lol.
and then it came.
river: [9c]

the asian guy jumped up and shouted as though he won some $1k buy in MTT. haha. and so we shook hands and left.
asianguy got $300,
i got $200, aka +$125!
ATo guy got $100.
weird payout system

went back to my room happily :)
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