Macau Review

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Macau Review

Postby teamloyang01 » Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:02 pm

Just came back from a 3 day 2 nite trip to Macau, the Eastern Mecca for risk seekers a.k.a gamblers.

Here's my feel of the Macau poker scene.

Went to Wynn and Grand Lisboa and definitely Wynn's Poker room is much more posh. But there are fewer tables there and according to the professionals in Grand Lisboa, the standards at Wynn is definitely much higher.

Thus, I was playing at the Grand Lisboa Poker Room for the 3 days. There are basically quite a lot of very good players. The uncles and aunties playing might seem to be fishes but quite a few of them are actually playing almost daily and hence their skills are actually quite high. There are also a few professional players from China and Korea there who play really tight and agressive. Only tourists like myself are the fishes feeding these pros!

As I was there on Mon - Wed, there is only 1 tournament a day and the tournament has only abt 15-20 players. There are also abt 4-5 tables of $10/$20 HKD cash games, with more players and fishes from ard 3pm-12am.

I was down abt $4000 HKD by the end of day 2 but was lucky on the third day that allowed me to take home some money! In the most memorable hand, I was sitting at the cutoff when the UTG raised to HKD $80 and a lady from US called and I raised to HKD $300. The UTG immediately raised me all-in and the lady called! With pocket AAs, I instantly called!

Flop came AJ9 with 2 spades and both the other players checked. Turn was another spade and boy was I worried! When the river threw out another spade I knew my game was over. Trips A being cracked yet again. In disgust, I turned over my pocket As and to my amazement, the UTG had pocket KK and the lady pocket QQ and both had NO spades! Amazingly, I managed to scoop out the pot of over $5000 HKD! And left a really drama and memorable memory for my Macau trip!
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