Hand Analysis- Comments Sought

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Hand Analysis- Comments Sought

Postby ankurk » Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:37 pm

Playing 1$-2$; 200$ buyin; 7-handed at a friend's place (regular game). I was on the button.

SB (~135$)- classic TAG
Cutoff (~300$)- likes to draw, has been running lucky, I mean runner runner flush lucky
me (~370$)- semi-LAG image (I think)

Dealt myself Ac6c. Everyone limps to me, I raise to 6$ (standard raise), SB re-raises to $12 (probably his 3rd raise in an hour of play). Folds to cutoff who calls, I call. Pot is $44.

Flop is Jc,Qc,5s. SB puts in 40$, cutoff calls, I call.
Turn is 10h. SB puts in 40$, cutoff calls and I call.
River is Qd. SB puts in his remaining chips (~32$), cutoff calls and I fold.

SB shows KK, cutoff shows a busted straight draw. My question is- did I play wrong. Having re-run the hand in my head and the call I am a bit unhappy about is pre-flop. Should I have abandoned the chase when I missed the turn? I think if I was headsup with SB, I might have abandoned at the flop itself, given his relatively short stack. Or if his pre-flop was say 20$, I might have folded right then.

How would you play this?
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Re: Hand Analysis- Comments Sought

Postby support » Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:42 pm

Based on odds alone you shd call the turn.

Preflop 44
Flop 120
Turn 80
Total : 166+80 = 246
40/246 = 16%

Chance to hit flush = 16% + 6% Chance for a AA

He's actually giving you the odds to call...
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Re: Hand Analysis- Comments Sought

Postby justsendmi » Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:18 pm

My view is that when SB has RE-raise, you should have considered Folding as your Kicker was rather small.
Though you might have a chance to hit a Ace on the Flop, but having re-raise you, I would have put him a AA, AK, AQ or KK.
If you had hit an Ace, you wouldn't know where you stand...
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Re: Hand Analysis- Comments Sought

Postby felixleong » Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:49 am

if you think u play postflop weak then fold to the preflop raise, your ace is so easily dominated!!!!
You'll lose a lot of money on Axx boards that you pay extra to stronger aces, you normally win very small pots or lose mid pots hitting the Ace.

If you are confident in your postflop skills and have position, its ok to call and see a flop.
Flop and turn call are great since you have good odds, River is easy fold

You could also had consider taking an aggressive path of semi-bluffing the flop with a strong raise, your aim is to
1) hope the 2 players fold by presenting that you hit the set
2) else trying to commit your stack in with flushdraw + overcard Ace draw

hope that helps ^_^
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Re: Hand Analysis- Comments Sought

Postby ankurk » Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:04 pm

Thanks everyone. More I think about it, a fold pre-flop or raise flop (with intention to fold if re-raised) seem to be the only way out.
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Re: Hand Analysis- Comments Sought

Postby jl87 » Tue Jun 09, 2009 8:45 pm

you played it kinda weak. PF the reraiser only has 65+bb effective and despite only having to call a min raise you won't be happy with most flops unless you flop 2p+

flop when villain bets 40 into 44 i think putting in a raise here is best and call it off if the other guy shoves over the top. This is a pretty gin flop for you when you decide to call a reraise with A6s. There is 84 in the pot and u risk around 120+ with approx 36% equity maybe more if A is good.

If villain bets smaller like lets say $20 an argument can be made to let the other guy in with your nut draw. But with so much dead money in the pot raise/call is probably the best play.
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