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Postby fishball » Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:46 am

So yeah, I've been playing poker on and off for the past couple of years - never did anything seriously, never lost a lot, never won a lot. I've decided to play it a bit more seriously, but the problem is, I'm mainly keen on tournaments (which I've been told are -ev etc). Nevertheless, I'll probably just try them out, but here's the main problem - poker strategy makes my head spin right round.

The complexities of when to raise, how much to raise, how to calculate pot odds, and all the other little details that make poker the lovable game it is, confuse me. But maybe that explains why I've never really won much. I've tried reading the books such as the Sklansky and Malmuth bible, etc. had a tough time sitting there trying to memorise all the hands i should/shouldn't play and all the funky strategies - raise when the guy before you raises by 2.5 the pot, you continuation bet and the stars are aligned.

It's very much black magic to me how the rest of you sit there and calculate your optimum hand and exactly how much you need to raise to get everybody else to fold when you're holding a 2 7 in hand. I'm a simplistic player, with more or less, the following responses:

i) Fold
ii) Raise half pot
iii) All in

So, there lies my problem. I want to become a pro like the rest of you. I want to be the one that walks on water and turns water into wine. Help me help myself, how can I win the WSOP within the next 2 years (I'm planning my retirement)? How can I understand poker strategy? Is there a Poker Strategy for Dummies? Where can I start?

thanks for reading..
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Re: help!

Postby chenghao » Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:45 am

learn by doing , play more tounaments longjie , genting , apt , appt , aussie millions
got lots of tournament also , which are the ones you prefer ?
no offline tournaments ? go online fulltilt , pokerstars , etc.

understand each phase and the objective of each player at each phase.

like when its only a few from in the money , is their objective to break even to recieve some monies for + ev ? or is their goal only to get that bracelet ?

you want to be able to read people also , so playing cash games live can help in this aspect.
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